21 December 2010

The Longest Christmas Party Ever

The San Miguel Groupwide Christmas Party held last Friday and it went on for 15 solid hours. Deym. It reminded me of high school fairs. I was actually looking for the jail booth.
San Miguel Brewery
I'm still not used to not having a Petron event for Christmas. Imagine the number of people if 11 subsidiaries were cramped into one location. Rumor had it that SIX MILLION PESOS were at stake for the raffles. Talk about moneh! We were forced tasked to be the raffle committee. Too bad I have no luck whatsoever in raffles. Maybe I should have had offered a chicken to the deities.

But before everything else...Bob had to unleash his star potential yet again along with other talented gasboys and gasgirls.
Ayun o. Waiter na waiter. Haha.

Then there was the lantern parade which reminded me of the Star Olympics. Go Green!

Highlight was the grand fireworks display. I would not be posting any pictures; it was long and beautiful but then again...they're fireworks and they all look the same in photos. I was disappointed at our food because it tasted so blah and it was cold. The only portion I enjoyed was the latter part of the night wherein Freestyle performed and we rocked the dance floor away; but then they had to cut it short. And i was not able to take any outfit shot. Booness.
Petron batchmates
Ugly pic but I don't have any other.

I miss the Petron way of partying. This is just not as fun. :(

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