04 December 2010

Trinoma Green Light Sale

I was adamant on being on a shopping ban but since I haven't completed my Christmas shopping just yet, I decided to head for the TrinomaGreen Light Sale last weekend to do just that. It's just so sad that I went home having more things for myself rather than sticking to my imaginary Christmas list. I'm just a sucker for bargains.

Here is my loot:
CMG bag at 30% off (because I don't have bags anymore)
Her Bench Jeans at PhP500 each
VNC shoes at 70% off (I need these for a wedding)
Bayo top and skirt at 50% off
Maybelline lipsticks at 30% off
L 'oreal eyeliner at 25% off
cocktail rings at PhP50 each

My mom also bought me some stuff.
top from The Ramp at 10% off
oversized F&H coat at 70% off
See? Now weren't my purchases justifiable after all? *nuninu* Merry Christmas!

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