15 December 2010

Twenty-Five and Ten

Twenty-five years of marriage and ten years of geekiness. That was how I spent my Saturday. I decided to mute down my color palette and kept things simple and neutral.
Top: Seven Confessions at The Ramp
Jeans: Her Bench
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: CMG
Flats: Celine
Ring: Forever 21
My officemates and I were invited to celebrate one of our bosses' 25th year of marriage in their home at Antipolo. It was not your usual catered party but rather an extravagant event with a mini-concert by the couple. Talk about bongga! 
stairs a.k.a premiere section
Then I realized that I haven't got even one photo of the couple. I'm just happy for Ma'am Susan and her husband Boss Jun that they have stayed in love like this through the years. I'm hoping that I get to experience 25 years with someone. *sigh*

I left early because I decided to go to the reunion of my Pisay batchmates at our alma mater. If there is one thing that I am truly proud of, it is that I am a graduate of this institution. We're the best. Suck that. Haha! I arrived there in the middle of the meeting whether to donate humps or sponsor a research product would be the best thing to do as a batch project. Well of course the humps was a big joke.
Photo shamelessly grabbed from Ella (because her shot was better than mine)
I was actually looking forward more to the after party than this reunion. For me it's either you have a reunion that is a party or you meet about the more serious stuff. You don't do both in one occasion; reason why there were a lot who cut class. Well we headed over to Music 21 to do some serious damage to our vocal chords belting out to the tunes of the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and the memory of the late Stephen Gately. 

The day was eventful, it was happy for me but not so much for a friend. I hate, hate, hate seeing the people I love in pain. I know he will get past it though. Well you know who you are and you know that I have your back. HUGS! :)

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