31 January 2010

Today's Stash: 2 Malls and 4 Hours After

I was eyeing a pair of coffee-colored wedges from So! Fab but because I was proving myself that I can resist the urge of impulse buying, I decided to wait for a week. If I still continue to toss and turn in bed after a week, then it is just right that I buy it for my peace of mind.

Anyhoo I was back at The Block last weekend to finally get a pair and to my disappointment, they do not have my size available. The drawback of having long limbs is that you also get to have longer than the average length of feet.

Fast forward to a week after...

I decided to check out their items at Crossings at EDSA Shangri-La  and the cosmos decided to give me a deja vu only this time add Bob making kontra on the side even before I could ask the saleslady for my size.

Note to self: Never shop with men.

So there, I decided to accept my fate that those shoes are not meant for me...

...because these are!



23 January 2010

What's Cooking in the Kitchen?

I met up with Diane (my cousin Siegfred's girlfriend), Belle (who up to now I still call Ann) and her boyfriend Eugene for Diane's Manila despedida as she is moving to Cebu next week. Why move from Manila to Cebu? Her boyfriend's there, plain and simple. Now do I hear wedding bells here?

We had dinner at this place in Greenbelt 3 called Kitchen, a restaurant in which I was a neophyte; and wherein these 3 apparently are patrons. Kitchen's interiors are pretty much like your upgraded canteen. Their placemats are made of manila paper-like material and their menu is a cardboard with printed paper inside and is stamped with a "K" at the front which is probably like what? Font size 14?

Anyway that's the last rant you'll hear from me about Kitchen. You know that saying that sometimes those imperfections make some things more beautiful? Well it is very much applicable.

Food is delicious and they offer a very hefty serving.

Green Thumb Salad (PhP 175)

Crowned King (PhP 245)


Too Good, It's So True! (PhP 160)

Sun-dried (PhP 170)

Easy Bait (PhP 185)

What is your guarantee that they will tickle your tastebuds? The customers who are willing to wait for the next table that would get vacant. Better get reservations instead of walking in especially on a Friday night.

Verdict: 4/5 spoons

18 January 2010

Picking CaliforniaBerries

Just recently, I stumbled upon another yoghurt place.

CaliforniaBerry is one of the earlier players in the frozen yoghurt scene with its first branch located in Madison Square along Ortigas Avenue in San Juan. I tried out their new branch at The Block, SM North EDSA.

"Californiaberry is a pioneer of healthy dessert options in the Philippines. It is the only company to bring in the original ingredients from one of the biggest dessert chains in the U.S.

Californiaberry product is soft-serve, non-fat, frozen yogurt. We are the only frozen yogurt chain in the Philippines to guarantee 100% fat free yogurt servings."

Too bad that there was no original yoghurt that time because the dispenser (Am I using the correct term here?) was having problems so the sales person offered a free taste (which was a spoonful) of their Green Tea variant.


Their yoghurt tastes tart, a tad less sweet than that of White Hat's; its taste is much closer to that of Red Mango's. I would still have to sample one with toppings though.

CaliforniaBerry Price List:
P60 + 15 Each Topping P75
P85 + 3 Toppings P115
P115 + 3 Toppings P145

Just like White Hat, they also have signature creations with pre-determined toppings. CaliforniaBerry has a wide array of toppings to choose from. Apart from the original yoghurt flavor and Matcha Green Tea flavors, they also have a coffee variant.

The branch at The Block though should add more chairs and tables because they only have five seats available for all their customers. Who in their right mind would set up a food business with only five chairs?

Verdict: 4/5 spoons

17 January 2010


Namitas na naman ako...

...sa puno ng MANGO.

EQ epic fail. (But then the shorts were on sale from PhP 2,750 to 820...)

Struggling with the Work-Life-Chever Balance

I think I'm spending less and less time at home lately. For the whole 48 hours this weekend (starting on the midnight of Saturday), I managed to clock in 24 hours at home; 18 of which I was unconscious. Come on! At least I'm sleeping at home!

I've mentioned in my previous post that I have no Saturdays until May due to the CIA review. It's much like being on a six-day work week only with my brain being fried to golden brown perfection. It's much like living on a semi-student mode wherein you get allowance (yes I'm getting free lunch), service (yes I'm getting taxi allowance) but then again you have that time-consuming thing called WORK.  Lo and behold for the first day of review alone I was given these to doodle...este ponder on.

You have got to be kidding me. So I guess by the time this thing is finished, I have enough materials for a 24-volume set of encyclopedia. Brings back good old drown-yourself-in-Humanities days back in college.

Yesterday's class was a total zonker. The instructor could have very well just gave us the handouts and sent us home. She was practically just reading everything and when she tries to explain what was written, I suddenly realize that she was just translating everything in Filipino. You know the ever reliable I'll-translate-so-that-it-looks-like-I-know-what-I'm-talking-about trick. Think of Britney Spears in her Baby One More Time video, tapping her pink furry pen waiting for the class to be dismissed. Oh dear, I think I want a pink furry pen.

I managed to get Ghe, Ayen and Walter to watch Sherlock Holmes with me to end my loser movie streak. Well, I was supposed to go with my cousin Ann and her boyfriend and Diane (my other cousin's girlfriend who is Ann's older brother) but then Diane could not make it and no, I refuse to be the third wheel.

So before everything else let's overeat and carbo-load.

That's Ghe and Ayen and the humongous pizza of Napoli's. There's pasta that I was not able to get a photo of. I effin' ate 3 slices of that plus pasta. Deities of the diet world please kill me now.

Anyway, I loved the movie! It keeps you on your feet and there was no I'll-take-a-nap-first moment in it. No biases there, I am not a fan of Robert Downey Jr. nor Jude Law. You know what I hate about my Sherlock Holmes experience? The SM Cinema!!! I swear it was a shock when I saw how small the screen was when I was so used to Trinoma's gigantic wall. Tip when watching at SM: do not go too high up.

Verdict: 5/5 magnifying lenses

Sunday, which is today, I brought along my sister to watch Avatar as I already want to sink deep in the ground as I probably belong to the minuscule percentage of the population who has not seen it yet. Never mind that I get to pay for her ticket as long as I get to watch that freaking film. Plus popcorn and drinks. Call me self-serving. I call it a good deed. Teehee!

Money well spent. James Cameron is a genius!

Verdict: 5/5 trees

Next weekend...I predict that I'd probably clock in less. Bad. Tsktsk.

14 January 2010


I am making a major move for my career.

Being a Chemical Engineer, getting into the auditing field was something that never crossed my mind. It just so happened that by some rearrangement of the cosmos I found myself treading this path. Last week, my boss approached me and asked me if I was interested in taking the Certification for Internal Auditors (CIA) exam.
Oooh...CIA. No this is no Sydney Bristow type of thing.

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors website:

"The Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation is the only globally accepted certification for internal auditors and remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in the internal auditing field. Candidates leave the program enriched with educational experience, information, and business tools that can be applied immediately in any organization or business environment."

I had a lot to consider before making a decision. First, do I really want to stay in this field? For the longest time I've been wanting to go back to Planning. Taking this exam would prevent me from doing so. Second, how sure am I that with all the changes happening in Petron, I would not want to leave?

After thorough thinking...I decided to grab the opportunity.

What the hell?! I am not even sure whether there would be an opening in the group that I am eyeing. Besides, my bond only states that I stay in the company for two years more. If given the chance, I could probably ask to be rotated to another department.

Also, the review itself would cost around PhP 25,000 plus exam fees which is roughly around $500. I am not going to pull out moolah from my own pockets to take that exam. My dad's right. Strike while the iron is hot. Grab every opportunity. Enter every door that opens.

The con?

The review would eat up all my Saturdays starting well, this Saturday and it would go on until May 1 (which I would be skipping since I am going to Coron). This means buh-bye summer for me.

Oh well, this means that I will be on student mode again. Reminiscent of board exam days...now I just have to find a hub aka Coffee Bean to study.

This seals the deal. Sinesemento ko na ang pagiging auditor ko.

Birthday greeting:


13 January 2010

Getting the Cat Out of the Bag

Okay so this has got to be one of the most challenging weeks of my life so far.

I thought I could just keep quiet about this but then my inner bitch says otherwise. I would not take this sitting down.

For the longest time I had been trying to avoid talking about what happened between Mike and I (Oh yes I'm naming him now, he started this so I'm dropping this like a hot potato for everyone to feast on.) for the reason that it was too sensitive and it would definitely put me under a bad light. Now I don't really care.

Shame on you for telling lies. In what universe did your tale happen because I'm sure it never did in this time zone.

Shame on you for telling someone that I was the one who started this whole thing. ANG GWAPO MO HA!!! Do you need to be reminded of the things that happened? I never paraded myself in front of you. NEVER. NEVER KITANG KINALANTARI. The nerve of you to put all the blame on me. Ever heard of the cliche "It takes two to tango"? Come on, you are not trying to pull that "victim" act are you? Because trust me, it does not suit you; not in a million years.

You're a scum.

Shame on you for saying that whatever happened in Iligan ended in Iligan. Are you hearing yourself? I'm surprised lightning did not strike you while you were saying this. And FYI I was the one who ended it. I wouldn't have been in Petron had I not done that. I left the company. Now repeat it ten times.

Shame on you for saying "Sinabihan ko na nga siya na humanap na lang sa iba kasi committed na ako." Like duh! You were so enjoying the situation, you asshole. You told me that after I ended everything in a conversation that you did not have the spine to initiate. What are you trying to say? Na hinabol-habol kita? Wow. *rolls eyes*  If you were smart enough, you would have figured out that it was not a wise thing to say. Idiot. If that was the case, then I shouldn't have had left MVC right so I can always be near your gorgeous presence? But then I know, your brain cells could never comprehend. I could probably send you gingko biloba to help your memory but then again why would I spend anything on you?

So now tell me was there ever truth to all the things that you told me? Remember the "Huwag na huwag mong iisiping pinaglaruan kita" line. Oh right I so fell for that. Silly me.

What pisses me off is that I left you alone. Never did I attempt to get in the middle of your relationship because I knew it was not the right thing to do. I could have done that but I chose not to. I could have told her just to get even but I chose not to.

Nananahimik na ako and this is what I get? You could have just kept your mouth shut if you could not bear the thought of telling the truth. You could have given me respect. Saving face at my expense. Nice. Very mature. Very manly.

Screw you.

You probably won't get to read this, but I hope you get to...or I hope your wife gets to (Yes dear your husband cheated on you, well he was still not married to you back then but that's not the point here, and nope he did not tell you that. Very brave indeed *applause*); but I am fully aware that English is not really your forte so I would be glad to translate this in Filipino.

You could go to hell for all I care.

08 January 2010

Today and Tomorrow

Today is the last day that I weep.
Today is the last day that I would feel the pain.
Today is the last day that I get affected.
Today is the last day that I get visions of you.
Today is the last day that I lose my sanity.

Tomorrow I let go. Tomorrow seals my defeat. Tomorrow I am erasing you permanently from my life's canvas. Tomorrow it all ends.

Tomorrow you are getting married.

Thank you for the smile you once placed on my face...and for the tears at the same time. Thank you for propelling me to where I am right now. It has been one hell of a ride but at this time I should be getting off already.

Best wishes to you Mike. I'm pressing shift+delete now.


02 January 2010

Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure measure a year?

 After two days of pondering, I finally figured out the things which I would like to do and happen this year. No resolutions for me, I've stopped doing that the the same time I realized that there was no point in stuffing 12 pieces of grapes in my mouth as soon as the clock strikes 12 on new year.

Photo from deviantart

First, I would really like to drive. Oh my effin' Lord! I possess a driver's license for 6 years already and yet I haven't even driven beyond 3 kilometers; and my license is expiring on my birthday. Again.

Speaking of, my PRC license also needs to be renewed. Nothing beats the satisfaction of handing out an identification card with the words "Chemical Engineer" written on it.

I'm going swimming and running again. Burn the holiday calories baby! I'm hitting the beach as early as the end of January and I have to be bikini-ready. *winks* Oh and with that I ought to cut down on my Starbucks frappes.

Oh alright on alcohol as well. I shall try okay.

I will join Ann on at least one run. Just not the 21k girl, I'm not prepared for that just yet.

I have to get an insurance policy this year already. I have been procrastinating on doing that for two years. Better invest in something that is not err...clothing and shoes. This means that I would have to give my plastic a good rest and stop swiping.

My savings need to grow so I'm going to work on that as well. I would really want to buy a new gadget. A notebook perhaps? I have set my eyes on the Dell XPS 1330. The pink one.

Work is still work. I'll drag my butt out of bed, no matter how hard it is, so that I minimize my tardiness. I don't want to be called inside the aquarium anymore. Aside from that, I would really have to start working at 9 AM and shake off sloth from my system as soon as I get to drink my morning coffee.

My travel plans have been laid down already. I'm going to Coron in May and Hong Kong in July. I have yet to find reasonable tour packages for Coron and plan the itinerary for Hong Kong. Well, I have always been the organized one so okay I'm taking the responsibility for that.

It's ironic that I could swim a kilometer but I just have to conquer the fear of God-knows-what's-under-the-water. Snorkel.

I'm going to buy 2 pairs of shoes in Hong Kong. The branded ones.

Meanwhile, I still have to finalize the plans for Bolinao with the girls this month and Potipot with my officemates next month.

I have to watch movies more even though it means that I have to bring my sister along. 

Try the following establishments: Attica, Som's Noodle House, Nomnomnom and Momo.

As I haven't gone clubbing in 2009, I'd probably drag the girls one night and let loose on the dance floor. I'm starting it off with Pia's party on the 9th! There's going to be a dance floor right?

I would have to widen my social circle. I will try my best to attend every party and occasion I get invited to. Oh and I'd like to go to those bars with the trivia contests and kick some ass.

As soon as there is an opportunity, I would love to give speed dating a try. There's no harm right?
For most of 2009, I've had my locks short so I'm starting to grow my hair long again. I realized it lessens the probability of me being siopao-faced in pictures.

I would have to visit my dermatologist again soon and start getting facials. When I had my braces installed, it was too much for my income to have them both so I let go of the derma.

Delete his number from my phone and his account from my online accounts. Better yet, delete him permanently as soon as the 9th is over.

Hmmm...up the gaydar to 3 bars more for better coverage. I've been failing at this for the longest time already.

Flirt. Get a guy who is not off-spec and does not have any defects...better yet stop being so determined to find one.

 Photo from deviantart

Stop being guilty for being happy. Fight for happiness. Screw the universe. 

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