29 April 2010

My EQ Evaporated with the Summer Heat

This is what I call a purchase dump. I've been spending way too much time in the malls lately because of the free aircondition and I still can't find the EQ to just sit in one corner and cool myself down. There are just too many pretty things around me and not looking at them just gives me pain.. I haven't had the time to take photos and the photos that I took are not exactly tasteful. I just wanted photos with my post. Nuff said.

Anyway, I finally was able to buy myself a cute colorful skirt which I found at Tomato.

I actually like Tomato; they have reasonable prices for their clothes and accesories. I got that skirt for PhP 550. Not bad.

I also got myself 2 tank tops from Topshop which were at 30% off. From it's original price of PhP 395, I got them at around PhP 280 each. Tank tops are a staple this season. Men, this heat is killing me!

By the way Topshop, Topman and Dorothy Perkins are currently on sale so better load up on tops, skirts and pants before somebody else gets to them first. Items are up to 70% off!

Some summer staples. I realized that I still do not have enough beachwear.

 The colorful one? I got that at SM's Surplus Shop for a dirt cheap price of *drumroll* 150 pesos. The white one is from Landmark Department Store. I love department stores actually because they have everything in one place and I do not torture my feet by walking from one end to another.

I also got a black bikini bottom from Kamiseta but I decided not to post it here because I'm afraid it's synonymous as posting my undies in cyberspace. Hehe.

26 April 2010

Runrio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run 2010

Because of my odontectomy *nosebleed* or in simplest form my wisdom tooth extraction, I haven't done anything that would be considered stretching of the muscles; excluding shopping of course. It's high time that I get active again (as I am really beginning to look like flubber) and because of tantamount peer pressure I am running this on May 30:

Let's start training shall we?

For more details visit: http://runrio.com/2010/04/nature-valley-run/

Let's Start the Show!

I borrowed that from the gorgeous Heidi Klum on her countless Project Runway episodes. I've never seen a live fashion show, at least the authentic type, you know the one wherein legit models strut their stuff and not some random tall guy or girl plucked from God-knows-where.

Well yesterday, I met up with my cousins Belle and Angel for a simple rendezvous. To our delight, we were able to catch this at Greenbelt 5:

I wish I had brought rice because the guy second from the right is just way yummy. *drools*

Anyway, guests were entitled to free wine and cocktails after the show. Props to Belle who had the guts to ask if it was free for everyone. Teehee!

We are such important people you know...getting chummy with all the models. Haha. Well we are a pretty bunch having won the gene pool lottery anyway. :P

I would just like to post a picture of my cute and witty niece Hannah. She's like the smartest 5 year old ever!

25 April 2010

Christmas Nachos

I went to Makati last Friday because Banj sent me a message on facebook that she was missing me (aaaw...) and hell yeah I was effin' missing her. I am missing her, CBTL, Greenbelt and the whole of Makati altogether. I met up with her at Starbucks dela Rosa and was happy to see that she was with Jomar and Winston. I love my friends; they keep me sane. Haha.

Anyways, the two left and we had nothing to do so we planned to have some margaritas at Chili's at GB5 but since we were not patient enough to wait in line, and there was actually no assurance that we would get a table, we moved to National Sports Grill at GB 3 and had a pitcher of Blue Margarita.

Oh yeah that looks like some flu medicine. The two of us are such nacho fans that we were probably born with salsa on our hands. Imagine our surprise that NSG's nachos look like this:

First, the serving was humongous and it was probably not intended to be finished by two. Next, this probably the first time that I got to eat green-colored corn chips. Halfway through the whole plate, we decided that we need something else to eat, so we got Firecracker Chips.

Gaaah apparently people here do not have anything which can be consumed by less than four people girls. If we had to finish that on our own. we would be gagging all the way home. Good thing Set came to our rescue to help us finish everything and down a couple of bottles of beer. I was supposed to go home before midnight as I have an employment exam at 9 AM the following day but guess what? I got home a little before 3. But well, well, well...

Ang tunay na matalino hindi nagrereview at nag-to-top ng exam with all the rainbow colors ng may amats. Bow.

Everything Nice

My route back home from La Union to Quezon City last Wednesday was via Baguio. Before that, the last time I set foot on the city of pines was back when I was 18 when I went with Banj and her family. Obviously, so much would have had changed in 3 years.

Ok fine. 7 years.

Anyway, blame this on global warming, Baguio is not that cool anymore. I remember back then, even at noon, we always, always had to wear a jacket because it was always cold. In addition, all those houses that are stacked like lego are such an eyesore. They look like the Payatas dump site from afar. Squint your eyes and you'll realize that hey they're not.

Baguio was just a stopover and we headed to Camp John Hay for lunch. We found this cozy little restaurant called Everything Nice.

I cannot actually classify their menu into one category because they seem to offer pasta, sandwiches, rice meals and even asian cuisine/ Plus they sell pastries. See?

I fell in love with satay on the streets of Chinatown in Singapore back in my 2008 trip so I was ecstatic to see it on their menu.

Thai Chicken and Rice in Satay Sauce (PhP 155)

According to the menu this is "A classical Thai dish, chicken marinated in coconut milk and spices, grilled to perfection, served with satay sauce and the famouce bagoong rice." I was disappointed. This is nowhere near what I had in mind.

The "soup of the day" last Wednesday was asparagus soup.

Soup of the Day (PhP 50)

Well true enough, it was broth with real asparagus. Haha. I was expecting the cream type but the again whoever said that I should expect that when it was not written anywhere?

Ma'am Sally (my boss) had a chicken sandwich. Sad to say I was not able to take note of the price but then I bet it would not go beyond PhP 120. I was sold on the potato wedges Darn I should have gotten this instead.

The only thing I really enjoyed was the cheap, but downright authentic, strawberry shake. Come on we are after all in Baguio.

Strawberry Shake (PhP 75)

I took home a box of assorted pastries home. They have the following:

Lemon Squares
Chocolate Coffee
Rocky Road Brownies
Fudge Brownie with Walnuts
Butterscotch with Cashews
Assorted Bars

You have to have the Chocolate Coffee. It's so moist and so good I regret not bringing home 2 boxes.

In general, Everything Nice was just hmmm...so-so for me. Steady. Nothing spectacular. Just nice.

Verdict: 3/5 strawberries


22 April 2010

Chewing Cherry Blossoms

My good friend Nax brought me this from Japan:

I actually asked for her to bring home the wasabi variant but she was not able to find one so she bought the cherry blossom flavor instead.

Oooh...so that's how sakura tastes like. Weird. It actually reminded my tastebuds of pandan.

21 April 2010

Gimme That Remote

Updates on what I am following on the boob tube:

1. Yey for the new episodes of Glee!

I should have written about this last week but work was killing me so I was actually watching the new episode while working on tank soundings on my laptop. I was definitely sold with Rachel's rendition of All American Rejects' Gives You Hell. I'm currently watching the Madonna episode and so far I am loving it! I'm just wondering how Quinn could still dance like that with a baby on the way.


"When you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell. When you walk my way hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell"

And oh yeah Mark Sailing is smoking hot! He's like my new bad boy love. *sigh*

2.  I haven't been watching American Idol regularly this season because, as every AI fanatic could attest to, this season is downright boring. I'm just glad that 3 out of my 4 (Lee, Siobhan and Casey) bets are still in the competition.

3. I discovered this show on the Lifestyle network during my fieldwork in La Union.

I just love makeover reality shows and watching the ugly duckling transform into fabulous swans! And hurray for Jeannie Mai, another successful Asian on the US entertainment scene. And I loved the show so much that I am getting cable. Yes folks, I survived 25 years without cable. Would you believe that?

19 April 2010

Nutty Nutty Nutty For Me!

I love peanut butter. Be it a bottle of the expensive Skippy or that gooey type straight from the market, whatever it is I am nuts about it. But then the only way I know how to eat it is to spread it on a piece of bread and nothing more. Well, kare-kare is an exception.

The first time I passed by Peanut Butter Company I literally made a "blech face" as I cannot figure out how a burger with peanut butter would taste like. But upon reading blogs raving about it, I decided to be adventurous and try it out.

Peanut Butter and Company is a small restaurant located at the 2nd floor of SM North EDSA wherein all the food they offer has, well of course the star of the show, peanut butter. They have 12 variants (210 PhP/bottle) from the regular creamy and crunchy types to the more "different" ones such as this:

And to the delight of those who love everything hot, this:

Let's put the food to the test. I decided to bring food from this place for my fieldwork to La Union. Thankfully they survived the 6-hour bus ride.

Combination 1: Chicken + Peanut Butter

Curry Chicken Sandwich (PhP 185)

I enjoyed the curry peanut butter much! It blended well with chicken, but sad to say being not so much of a pineapple fan, that did it for me.

Combination 2: Spaghetti + Peanut Butter

Classic Spaghetti (PhP 135)

This one is love! Two of my favorites in one. This is made of sun-dried tomato peanut butter + meatsauce and the combination is fantastic. Plus the serving is hefty it can be eaten by two people.

Combination 3: Peanut Butter + Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (PhP 75)

Who doesn't love a good old PB&J sandwich? You can try any of the peanut butter variants and combine it either with grape, strawberry or orange jelly. To be different I tried dark chocolate peanut butter with strawberry jelly. *sigh*

I am definitely coming back for more of their menu. Hopefully that time, I'd get to eat them hot.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 nuts

18 April 2010

Buy 2 for the Price of 1 at Maldita

Happening at all Maldita stores from April 11 to May 3, 2010.

Basically you buy a piece and you get another for free as long as it is of the same price or less. Plain and simple.

I got myself 2 pieces for PhP 799 yesterday at the Trinoma branch.

I didn't think much. First they were on sale; second, I am dead tired from work. These are well deserved.

15 April 2010

Olives Restaurant: It's a Fine Fine Dining Experience

Even in my younger days, I was never the type to splurge on food thinking that I'd rather buy stuff that would last a couple of years (such as shoes teehee!) rather than something which my body would expel in 24 hours. Well except of course if I am not the one spending on it.

Olives Restaurant is one of the two restaurants of Thunderbird Resort Poro Point and to go with the whole theme of the place, it specializes on Mediterranean-style fine dining.

For starters, they gave out freshly baked bread.

I am trying to eat healthy for Coron so I went for the fish. Hey it's salmon (and yeah it's expensive so I definitely took advantage of the opportunity). All seafood entrees are served with vegetables with rice or baked potato.

Stone-oven Roasted Salmon (PhP 560)

Baked Blue Marlin ala Sicilian (PhP 520)

This one looks yummy as well.

Pan-fried Chicken Breast with Basil Pesto (PhP380)

And since today's temperature is in practically in equilibrium with my body I had to cool down with a refreshing fruit shake. Aaaah!

Verdict: 4/5 olives (the remaining one olive is because the inside of my baked potato was not cooked well. Hohum.)

14 April 2010

Santorini, Philippines

My job is not for the weak. It requires tremendous willpower, mind conditioning and well muscles. The only things that have me look forward to fieldwork are:

1. My salary is intact for the whole duration of my fieldwork. Free everything, or at least everything within budget.
2. If the time permits, and if the location is great, I get to discover new places.
3. I get to stay in a hotel. Yeah that's quite shallow.

Anyway I'm staying at Oasis Country Resort in San Fernando, La Union which, can I just say that I am currently in one of crappiest hotels I've ever stayed in my 25 years of beautiful existence. I had to transfer rooms twice in one night because room 1 has a busted heater so I moved to room 2. Just when I was about to take a bath, the moment I opened the shower, gaaah! The water was still cold! Apparently room 2 is sharing the busted heater with room 1 so I relocated to room 3. I was just pissed with the inconvenience of having to pack then unpack then pack then unpack again. I mean, didn't they check the showers in the room they were moving me in since that was what I was complaining about in the first place? Poor receptionist, she just had to endure my wrath. But then it was her fault anyway.

It would have been nice if I was booked in here:

Taken at Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point...and yes this is still in the Philippines. Too bad I only got to eat here because its rate is about thrice as that of where I am currently staying. Boo!

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