30 June 2010

Raves, Rants and Blah Blah Blah

I've been really ridiculously busy lately trying to get my report released after a gazillion revisions, which yay I finally was able to last week. I'm still trying to find out where to get my daily dose of coherence so pardon this post for being a smorgasbord of gibberish thoughts.

Today I finally brought to the office the Japanese chocolate I bought from Duty Free as a pasalubong for my officemates. Hell, it only costs a little over a dollar. Well, at least that was what I had in mind before I opened one.

Long story short: no I'm not giving them to anyone. I now have a new Japanese chocolate pal; because you know I only have one and his name is Meiji.

I'm on cougar mode.
'Nuff said.

Thinking of July 2 makes me happy! Well aside from the fact that it falls on a Friday and it is my parents' 27th wedding anniversary, Forever 21 opens its first flagship store in Manila!
Credit to chuvaness

There were Forever 21 stores before but I did not know that they were using the sacred name of the original one. My gawd that is blasphemous! They continue to thrive but under a different name and sad to say, I don't think anyone's that interested in what they are carrying. Karma sucks right?

Boo that we are 500 meters away from Pasig because they are on a holiday on Friday. Boo more that I am just one tumbling away from SM Megamall, my office is practically just in front of the supermarket entrance. How pitiful is that? The first 250 who show up get a 200 peso gift voucher. I'm heading over after work (I hate it!), rumor has it that all their merchandise do not go over 2,500 PhP! Eat that Mango and Zara!

I was noticed by one of the Vice Presidents yesterday: for wearing a short dress. Good heavens! I refuse to accept that when my skirt just falls a little above the knee while one of the secretaries looked like she just came out from one of those Bring It On movies. The frilly cheerleading skirt does not suit you when you are in your 40s. Please keep that in mind.

Sorry for having long legs ma'am. Kindly blame my genes. Thank you very much.

Let's all welcome the new president of the republic.

She's going out. Now ain't that a reason to celebrate?

25 June 2010

Now This I Call Necessity

My uber bright and cursed sister caused the desktop to commit suicide. Again. I am very much irked because I haven't transferred my files to my portable drive yet and I swear I would soak all her clothes in a drum full of clorox if I don't retrieve them. Anyway this incident propelled me to finally get my own notebook. Yesterday  morning I was convinced that I would get a Macbook Pro.

13-inch 2.4 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB Memory
250 GB Hard drive
SD card slot
Built-in battery (10 hours)
NVIDIA GeForce 320 M Graphics
Price: 59,990

Different story in the afternoon as I discovered this one.

Presenting the Asus K42JK-VX027R. Now let us check the specs shall we?

ntel® Core™ i3 Processor 350M 2.26 GHz
14" HD (1366x768) LED backlit
ATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD 5145, 1G DDR3 VRAM
3 in 1 card reader, SD,MMC,MS
6 cells: 4400 mAh 48 Whrs
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic
Trend Micro 2009
Price: 41,892

Now let us see Asus performance as compared to other brands:

I must say that before this, Asus was not even one of the brands which I considered. I am guilty of being brand conscious in terms of stuff and that includes gadgets. When I dug further into the specs (I am no techno wiz) I realized that Asus produced a mean machine; and with a price like that? Sweet! 60K vs 42K? And with killer specs like that? Do we still have to discuss this?

20 June 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

Happy Dad's Day to all fathers in the world! To Papa who's the coolest, you rock!

Rafael's Farm

Just outside Tacloban City, Rafael's Farm is one of the must go and must eat places in Leyte. Located in Babatngon, Leyte it is a vast land of green, green and more green!

My sister and I were taken out to lunch by my aunt, uncle and cousins to this wonderful place during our visit to Tacloban last week. It is difficult to reach by public transportation, although I saw a jeep passing by the road. The main restaurant can hold a maximum of 70 people, just enough to keep it cozy.

I loved the place to bits I even took a picture of the CR. Harhar.

And the wash area.

But most important, let us talk about the food. Rafael's Farm offers a variety of cuisine and everything can satisfy the foodtripper's palate. Prices are affordable, plus their servings could serve 2 to 3 people.
Farmer's Salad PhP150
Classic Baby Back Ribs PhP280
Humba PhP250
Grilled Herbed Chicken PhP220
Fish Tinola (was not able to get the price)
Pancit Canton PhP130
Refreshing Lemon Lime (by the pitcher) PhP120

Personal favorites were the Farmer's Salad, Classic Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Herb Chicken. I like anything infused with herbs. I even put basil in my sandwiches, even if the bread is just your good old pandesal. The baby back ribs was also divine!

If at anytime you plan to visit Tacloban, you must not miss Rafael's Farm. I tell you, everything is worth the travel.

18 June 2010

Old School

My cousin Siegfred and his girlfriend Diane are getting married!!!

As evident on the three exclamation points in the previous statement, I am very much excited for the two of them.

I am going back to Tacloban on January 8, 2011 as I am going to be one of th secondary sponsors. Anyway, before everything else, my sister and I went with aunt,uncle and kuya for the traditional "pamamanhikan." Assuming that someone who does not have any idea of what that is stumbles upon this entry, pamamanhikan is the customary asking for the bride's hand in marriage by the groom and his family. Honestly, I didn't know how this goes until that night. I thought that it was just going to be a simple dinner wherein both families sit down and talk about the ins and the outs of married life. I did not know that this was necessary:

To my future groom wherever you may be: you need to bring this to me or else no wedding would take place. Intiendes?

15 June 2010

Why the Hell is It Called Coralview?

When there were hardly any corals!!!

My department spent the first weekend of June for our last summer hurrah at this resort in Morong, Bataan called Coralview Beach Resort. It was nothing spectacular: gray sand, ordinary rooms (and by the way our room's shower heater was busted), ordinary food, small pool; but I was surprised that it was jampacked for that weekend. But then again there were probably 2 companies having their team building activities so there goes the explanation for it.

If there was one thing notable about this resort was that it has a very looooooong stretch of shallow waters. Very good for those who cannot swim even if their lives depended on it. 250 meters off the shore and water was still chest level. There was nothing to see underneath though, just irritating patches of sea grass.

As I've mentioned, the resort has ordinary food but it has ridiculously priced grilled squid! Imagine charging us with 600 pesos for a medium sized squid which by the way gave me an idea on what it felt like to masticate on rubber bands. So you just have to find your happiness someplace on something else.

See? I look every inch happy.

Some interesting stuff along the way include a troop of mini Coopers:

And can someone please explain to me what the hell is a SOUP SODA?

08 June 2010

This is Madness

Remember when my favorite brown Havvies died on me last month? Guess what? Another one bade farewell; just when I do not have any other pair of footwear tucked inside my bag. How convenient.

This is my first pair which I bought from my Ahead money back in July 2007. It served me a good (almost) three years. Rest in peace at Morong.

Anyway because of this I now have a valid reason to acquire that graphite Top that I have been crushing for months now.

By the way, bought this at Kid Sports located at the 3rd floor of the Trinoma Mall. Designs and sizes at All Flip Flops are always running out and it was a good thing I discovered this store. Men they do carry a lot of Havvies!

I dunno but it seems like a lot of stores are having sales and we all know that I have a very low EQ whenever I see that slash mark on price tags so I bought a few couple of stuff.

Nike Outlet Store Subic

Cap: 417 from 675 (Savings = 258)
Racerback running top: 398 from 995 (Savings = 598)

Union Square Subic

These cuties were being sold at $2.50 each! Would you believe that??? The mushroom reminds me of Super Mario. Ilavet!

CMG Trinoma Mall
1495 from 2995 (Savings = 1500)

I have been looking for a comfortable* and durable pair of office pumps for the longest time and when I saw this. it just fitted the profile.

*Well as of press time, the pumps were quite difficult to walk in. I'm praying that it gets better the more it's used.

VNC Megamall
795 from 1850 (Savings = 1055)

Anyway these shoes are not made for walking. Quite obvious with the heels isn't it? The vanity over comfort slash porma shoes. You know the ones you wear when you know you're gonna be sitting all night? Well it looks sexy on my feet (thank heavens for not awarding me with a ginger-like pair) and that's all that matters. I could always bring flipflops when it becomes impossible to walk anyway.

Plains and Prints Shangri-la Mall
497.50 from 995 (Savings = 497.50)

Bayo Shangri-la Mall
Top: 497.50 from 995 (Savings = 497.50)
Jeans: 497.50 (Savings = 497.50)

Both stores were selling their items at 50% off. You can never have too many key pieces, such as white tops and jeans, in your closet as they are timeless and will never go out of style. Okay that was a lame excuse but I stand by it. Teehee.

Maybelline Trinoma Mall
199 from 250 (Savings: 51)

Maybelline has always carried good mascaras in their line for a cheapass price. They are currently selling selected items at 20% off. I approached the sales person to inquire and they have different types which volumizes your lashes 9x, 5x and this one 3x. I don't want to look like a drag queen with 9x the volume of my lashes. Define OA. If there's one thing that I like about me is that I have long lashes and the lady told me that I just need to volumize. To my dismay when I got home, she gave me a brown one instead of black. But hey it only costs 200 and I don't want to go through all that effort of returning an item. Next time check the label. Pfft.

Tango Trinoma Mall

So okay this one is not on sale and I got this dress for 995 but I just could not resist it. Tango is officially up there in the list of my favorite stores. They carry pretty dresses and come to think of it, some of them actually looks Mango-ish, Topshop-ish or Zara-ish for a fraction of the price! This one is like a romper only it is a skirt. I love love this one!

Calculating, I saved almost 5000 pesos! WOW. Now isn't that a valid excuse for my purchases? :P and I reiterate: I DON'T DRINK. I DON'T SMOKE. I DON'T DO DRUGS.


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