31 October 2010

Merienda Cena

One of our bosses invited us to her house for the celebration of her 54th birthday. She sent an email saying that it was a merienda cena and we are expected to be there at 3:00 PM. The weather being hot, I decided to show up in shorts.

Imagine our surprise when we arrived at her house and the place was clad in ribbons. This was no small affair! No complaints here; we are fans of free food anyway.
Bob said I should've cropped this one...without the boss. :P
It was just a smorgasbord of fun, irritation and shock with Welai ending a night with a bang. Hahaha! Oh and Bob's rendition of Take That's "Back for Good" was just haunting; timely for Halloween. Haha love you dude. :P

I was actually regretting wearing shorts because mosquitoes feasted on my poor legs that I had to stop socializing to lessen the risk of getting dengue. I was asked to bring my Magic Sing (which was not used at all) so I had to bring a big bag. I love this bag to bits. My friend Ann has the same; we got it at Bugis Market at downtown Singapore.
don't you just love the vintage feel?
I have this dogtag for 9 years now. It was given to us when we graduated from high school and I'm so effin' proud to be an owner of one.
yeah I did!
I had to wear sunnies because of the drinking blast the night before and my poofy eyes are just so...poofy. Thank heavens it was sunny and I could get away with wearing them. Pardon the wall (and the faucet) I had no place to take photos. Haha.
top: Gap
shorts: Mango
bag: Singapore
sunnies: Fly
flats: Celine

One Bacardi, Two Bacardi, Three Bacardi...Floor!

I was so hyped up last Friday because the girls and I were going to meet up to celebrate Ana's engagement and Ria's birthday. Oh and to save me from drowning from the ocean of stress. Gaah getting a cab on a Friday night could be such a pain on the bum; it took me an hour before I was able to get in front of the taxi queue at Shangri La mall. That was how horrifying the experience was.

I got to Eastwood City an hour and a half late and since I was starving to death, the moment I got hold of Banj and Giulia we headed for Stackers Burger Cafe because I was dreaming of burgers the whole week and along with Army Navy, they have the best for me.
Stack Cheeseburger (PhP 118 + 60 for fries and soda)
Fish and chips. Dunno the price.
Well the main point of this dinner was to see Ana's ring. Boy was the diamond huge.

Now here comes the happy part. It was all our first time to drink at The Distillery which is a haven for alcoholics. They offer a wide array of choices for beer, vodka, tequila; well basically everything that could ruin your functioning liver. Ana was even able to find German beer.
Can't get a decent angle from where I was sitting. Crap.
The alcoholic's wishlist in a fridge
We started out really sane.

But after this...
Bacardi Limon (PhP700 for 750 mL; Php100 for Sprite)
and this...
Bacardi Gold (PhP600 for 750 mL; PhP100 for Coke)
...certain things happened.

The Distillery is such a happy place because
1. the crowd is good;
2. the music is interesting (think Michael Jackson, ABBA and Bruno Mars played in an hour); and
3. the alcohol is cheap!

From now on this is going to be our default alcohol place and I carve that in stone!

Since I knew it was going to be a night out, I made sure to dress up a bit.
top: Greenhills
skirt: Tomato
blazer: thrift
shoes: Ichigo
necklace: bought from a friend
earrings: Yhansy

29 October 2010

Semi-Free Buys

So I got my quarterly Sodexo gift passes from TNS (from this writing thing that I do for them) about 3 weeks ago and I was not sure where I would be using it. I actually thought of buying shoes but thought against it because the idea just bored the hell out of me. Hair treatment maybe? I discarded that also because I'm trying to give my hair a break from chemical stuff.

Then one day, my earphones broke down. There problem solved. I did add PhP 400 for it though.
Yes it just had to be pink.
I consider earphones as necessity nowadays because:

1) I cannot run without listening to something. I don't know if it's just psychological but I get tired easily because I have nothing else to think about; and

2) It filters out unnecessary noises (e.g. the noisy secretary in front of our department) in the office.

Also, it was only recent that I discovered that apart from the movie tickets and Krispy Kreme donuts, I could use my Citibank charge slips as discount vouchers at Mercury Drug and Rustan's. Well, I could use it at Shell as well but duh. Company loyalty here.

Remember the Stila cosmetic set I got online months ago? Well I haven't gotten around to uying a pan for the eyeshadows so they stayed on their cheapo plastic containers up until the other day. I was just fearing for their lives that I finally transferred them into a much more conducive home.
empty pan
kitten, teal, wheat, coco (can't remember exactly the name of this one)
I find the pan expensive; PhP695 for an empty pan come one! I used two charge slips to get PhP200 off. Darn I can't use more thatn that for more discount. But then if I don't buy this one, then where would I put my shadows? They were practically crying for a relocation.

On other matters...


Have a great one! Love you!

28 October 2010

Time to Twist Again!

I'm kind of late for this one but I'm going to write about it anyway. It's back!!!

I'm not really the type that considers fries as their comfort food but some days, I just get pacified by a large order of fries and a hot fudge sundae from Mc Donald's. I consider those days rare because the mere thought of the amount of fats and calories on those just makes me cringe. Twister fries has been out for two weeks already but I didn't muster enough courage to go get some the moment it was offered. I just kept on thin king about the calories and the number of kilometers I should tread just to burn them. 

I finally did last night. Yey me!

All it took me was insurmountable (OA!!!) amount of stress. Hello fats. Hello calories. Come to meeee!

But Wait There's More

And you thought that my shopping posts were over? Not quite. My mom is just the best, and worst, partner in crime when it comes to shopping because she does not stop me from buying stuff. The shopping gene? I definitely got that from her.

Bayo at Trinoma was also holding their end of season sale and I got a blazer and belt at 50% off:
See the floral details? Cuteee!

The belt was size small and I was kind of ambitious in buying it but I figured that since it was garter then maybe it would loosen up someday. (Haha someday talaga.)

Well my mom and I decided to have a break and headed to the new place of Red Mango at the mall. Good thing they decided to relocate, their nook at the 3rd level could not really hold all froyo fanatics. The case will either be 1) if you have just arrived, you would have to scout for an empty table and be quick at that and 2) if you're the one eating, you cannot really stay longer for chitchat because customers who have just arrived are like vultures preying on your table.
12 hours with mom: bad for the pocket; good for the heart.
I also bought skinny work pants from Maldita. I've been on the hunt for it for the longest time and when I saw it and it fitted me well, and being the last in my size, I bought it right away. Being cursed with birthing hips, buying pants could really be awfully difficult.
That doesn't look right.
Funny. Thirty minutes to mall closing, we realized that we haven't had dinner yet. Now we all know where my "Shopping is priority. Eating is optional." mantra came from. I was trained well.

27 October 2010

Loving Your Body With Deals From The Body Shop

I read from Shen that The Body Shop was on sale from October 22 to 26 (yes it just ended) so I made a mental note to head for one. The good part: their bestsellers were on a "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" promo.

I'm the type of person who really gets giddy on bargains. I shop a lot but I rarely buy stuff which are not discounted. That's the thrill of shopping: getting good buys at low prices. I got myself the Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish. I haven't used this before but I heard that Vitamin C is really good for the skin. I'm crossing my fingers that my skin would develop a good relationship with it.
Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish, PhP895
The Body Shop's lip balms are my favorite. To date, Born Lippy was the only lip balm that I was able to finish simply because it tastes good and does not remind me of candle wax like the rest. No these are not mine; I plan to give them out for Christmas.
Born Lippy, PhP250
Other items were also on sale, some even as much as 70% off. They are currently holding a Pre-holiday Sale which will run from October 8 to November 8/

I was able to score additions to my very minimalistic make-up kit.

I've tried the blush and it seemed to not give me much color. Maybe it was made for someone with lighter skin. I needed to apply a lot for it to be obvious.

While at it, I decided to get the Love Your Body Card for PhP300. It came with a free gift and a beauty book with coupons inside (there you got something for your money in a snap). Also for every PhP900 purchase, you get one stamp; three stamps are equivalent to one voucher. How does the card work? For every 100 pesos you get 1 point and 1 point is equal to 1 peso.

Anyone should not be sorry for caring (and by caring I mean spending) for their bodies. I know I'm not. :)

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