30 November 2010

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries in Dumaguete

More than anything, I was excited to go to Dumaguete because of their Sans Rival so I made it sure that I am going home with one. It's quite ironic that the province is known not for something native but for the pastries of this bakeshop.

My companions and I placed an order to be picked up the following day. I was practically drooling when I saw the array of pastries that were lined up before me. Damn my diet crashed and burned right that very moment.

Since they close really, really early, we decided to have dinner there as well. I was shocked because of how cheap their food were. I forgot to take note of the prices but the most expensive thing on their menu costs around 90 pesos.
Clubhouse Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwich

Well of course this treat for the palate would not be complete without the desserts:
Silvanas - PhP 12/pc; PhP 100/10 pcs.
Sans Rival - PhP 26/slice; PhP 290/log
Cheese Brownies - PhP 13/pc
Revel Bars - PhP 18/pc
I found the Sans Rival too sweet but the Silvanas are just to die for! My diet died with it. I liked the Cheese Brownie better than the Revel Bar because the latter was too dry for me. I'm looking for the more gooey and chocolatey type. Their desserts go perfectly well with coffee. I became adventurous and tried one with Kahlua.
Well that has mallows too. It's just not pretty in this picture.
This restaurant is practically a tourist spot here in the city and should not be missed. Go ahead and indulge in your sweet cravings. It's not everyday that you get to be in Dumaguete anyway.

Verdict: 3.5 stars
Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries
#3 San Jose St., Dumaguete City (near the boulevard)

29 November 2010

Petite Gorgeous Giveaway

US blogger Sydney is having an early Christmas giveaway. Oooh her loot is just really nice!

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Marie a la Mode Giveaway

Canadian blogger Marie a la Mode is having a giveaway and it's open to international readers. Who doesn't like free stuff? You may win all of these:

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Twelve Hours in Cebu

My next assignment after Tacloban was Dumaguete but since there was no direct flight, I had to go to Dumaguete via Cebu. I left Tacloban at 5:00PM of Sunday and checked in at Waterfront Hotel Mactan because I had a very early morning flight at 6:30AM the following day. I managed to squeeze in some time to meet up with my cousins who are based in Cebu.
Sarah, me, Diane and Kuya Siegfred
My cousin Siegfred and his girlfriend Diane was also to give me my dress for their wedding. I'm going to be a secondary sponsor there so I'm going back to Tacloban in January. I was surprised to see that it was also pink like the one I'm wearing for my friend Beth's wedding.

We had dinner at Lemongrass which is one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu. It offers Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.
Pad Thai - PhP 195
Pla Piew Wan (Sweet and Sour Fish) - PhP 285
Bagoong Fried Rice - PhP 145
Kaeng Curry Teng (Chicken Green Curry) - PhP 245
Of course we had to have the signature drink of the place.
Citrus Herb Lemonade - PhP 185
If there is one thing that I really love about Cebu, that would be their cabs. First, a long queue does not mean that you would have to wait in line forever before you could get into a cab because cab lines here really do move fast. Second, Cebuano cab drivers do not take tips out of your own volition and when you pay them in excess, they give you exact change. TO THE LAST PESO. Bravo drivers, bravo!

While waiting for my cousins, I loitered around Rustan's at the Ayala Center and got myself travel stuff. Ironic that I was already smacked in the middle of my trip when I realized that I wanted needed these travel essentials.

I got this shirt organizer which can be really handy and saves space inside your luggage. Plus it separates your soiled clothes from those which are not. One organizer has four flaps.

These caught my attention because of the frilly trimming. That's when I realized that it's high time that I stop using supermarket bags to house my footwear inside my luggage. 
Ain't that maarte?
Now I did that all, dinner and shopping plus travel to the city, in four hours. Amazing right?

28 November 2010

Tacloban Rediscovered

Since my roots are from the capital city of Leyte, I have been to Tacloban countless times already. However, apart from the San Juanico Bridge (the longest bridge in the Philippines which connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar) I haven't had the chance to explore a lot of places there. It's always the case of family affairs and there's just no way we could squeeze some time to loiter around. In my short stint there for work, I managed to do some loitering.

I've been to Rafael's Farm months ago when I went there to visit with my sister last June. The Depot Superintendent brought us there one time for lunch. They are developing the place and I've heard that there are plans of making it a resort of some sort.
people I'm working with
All for PhP220. Yummeh ribs!
Since the SGV people have not been to the San Juanico Bridge yet, we decided to drive and pass by it.
Welcome to Samar!
When I got off from duty and had a day off, I checked out of the hotel and spent a night in my aunt's home where I got to spend time, even if it was short, with my grandmother and cousins.
OMG I am effin' fat here!
After how many years, I finally was able to see Mc Arthur Park. Hello Joe!
Cute cousins Nicole and Lawrence :)
My aunt brought me and my cousins to Leyte Park Hotel for "eat-all-you-can" merienda. For PhP 100, that's not bad. I'm just not a fan of native delicacies though so I was not able to maximize the unlimited supply of snacks. We met up with my other aunt and they brought along my nephew from my cousin Sarah, which is the sister of Nicole and Lawrence, Sean.
I love the kids.
After that we rushed to the airport already because I had to leave for Cebu in about an hour. Well before this ends, outfit shot!
dress as top: Kamiseta
shorts: Black Sheep
belt: Bayo
flats: Celine
*sigh* It was a short trip but I was glad that I was able to visit my relatives for free. Family is love. :)

25 November 2010

Canto Fresco and Cafe Lucia at the Tacloban Astrodome

We ended up at Canto Fresco by accident. I was so adamant in looking for Cafe Urbana after reading it on a blog but sadly, I did not know that it has shut down already. I have heard of the Tacloban Astrodome or "Astro" to locals because it was THE gimik place before the development of the strip at Leyte Park. The place could hold around 30 to 40 people. The owners of Canto Fresco and Sunzibar are actually siblings; reason why both have the same interiors.

Now let's talk about the food. The best seller of this place are their pizza and the Pesto Chops. Boy were the porkchops humongous!
Pesto Chops (PhP 130)
I am a fan of their pizza. It's very tasty and the crust was chewy. I hate pizza that's all flour. *ehem Pizza Hut ehem*
16" Beef and Onion (PhP 485)
Their Putanesca was also delish. It was not swimming in oil and the serving was hefty.
Putannesca (PhP 95)
We all had the Green Apple Iced Tea. The green was really soothing to the eye. I found it too sweet for my taste though.

Aside from the good food, the selling point of this restaurant probably would be the  graffiti wall. Of course I just had to write, that's the closest thing I came to vandalism.

This is Edward leaving his souvenir in Tacloban.
Hell yeah. That's 200 pesos baby.
We capped the night off with coffee and cakes at the nearby Cafe Lucia. The ambiance is really good since it was situated by the beach. People also troop here for the free wifi.

I was pretty disappointed with the cheesecakes. They were too gelatinous that I was wondering, where did the cheese go?
Blueberry Cheesecake (PhP 80)
Oreo Cheesecake (PhP 80)
Coffee was mediocre too. Maybe I just had high expectations. Tsss I shouldn't have set the bar to the level of CBTL and Starbucks.
Raspberry Mocha (PhP 100)
The chocolate cake and cappuccino were pretty decent though.
I have no idea how much these cost.
The night ended in a funny anecdote though. We had no idea how to get home, we we just rode a jeep asked the driver where to get off and prayed that he understood our query perfectly. Well we did get to reach to our hotels safe and sound and full.

Canto Fresco: 4 stars
Cafe Lucia: 2 stars (mostly for the ambiance and wifi)

Canto Fresco and Cafe Lucia are located at Real Sagkahan St. Tacloban City, Leyte. 

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