30 January 2011

Making Exceptions

I did post days ago that I will be on a shopping ban. However, since I was feeling so down lately I had to find an  outlet for me to get giddy. If there is a place that would soothe all my anxiety and take away my negative vibe, that would be the beach. I'm your first class beach bum.

Anyhow, I wanted some ME time so after I did some yoga, I went to Red Mango and had my usual froyo with strawberries, mango and crushed graham. I tried the original swirled with green tea and uhm I think I'd stick to the original flavor. Not a green tea fan here. Oh and I took a shot at doodling my thoughts and I've came to realize how non-cohesive they are. Haha.

Let's go to the beach part. I've been dreaming of strutting on the beach wearing a red bikini, but you know as they say, sometimes when you are on a hunt for something specific you just don't find it. I got these at Debenhams instead:

It took me sometime before deciding on getting this beach bag. It is around 70% off and I don't have a decent one for outings so what the hell. 
It has stones!
Now this is actually the best part. I got the bikini set at a whopping PhP 410. Dear Lord that was cheap!

So why don't we skip February and head over to March instead? I'm so excited for my beach trip!!!

29 January 2011

Let's Get Back on Track

The past days had been really difficult and I was really close to losing it. I needed a breather so I went out yesterday with my Chemical Engineer friends. I met up with Raq and Dyna at Cyma at Greenbelt 2. Can I just say that I really love Cyma?
Spinach and Artichoke Fondue. Yum!
Yummy Moussaka. Bad photo.
Chicken Gyro
About 30 minutes to dinner, a couple walked in. I noticed the pretty girl, but hell the guy stole the show. We were seated beside music icon Ely Buendia! How cool was that? I was not able to take a photo. I don't want to look like a fantard you know?

We were actually supposed to go to Agave at Bonifacio Hight Street but due to some circumstances, i.e. Xy suddenly backing out because he was busy putting up an employee union at his company, we decided to just stay in Makati. We transferred to Masas because that's the only place aside from Chili's that I know serves decent margaritas. Oh and we bumped into Winston who continuously bugged me about my non-existent relationship with my friend Bob. He's actually giving us 2 years to be together. Silly boy. Haha.
Strawberry Margaritas! Love!
Anyway, so I'll open up a little. Basically, I've been having a hard time lately because I am simply unhappy with how my life is going. I have zero self-esteem and me being not in a relationship (and not being in one ever) actually buries it to the ground even more. Growing up, I had been the fat kid that was always teased. I was never asked to the prom. I never went out on dates. Simply put, I am not beautiful. Period. 

My stress is getting to be so unhealthy for me already. I need a vacation...or more alcohol.

26 January 2011


Something's just not right about yesterday. Of course the country's highlight was the bombing of a bus along EDSA, whose death toll is at 5 as of this moment. The police still could not find the reason for such gruelsome crime but they are looking at the angles of destabilizing the government, terrorism and to divert the public's attention from the carjacking incidents that has shaken the nation recently. I'm thankful that my day sucked but not as much.

I finally was able to get to Shui Spa for my first yoga class. I actually was giddy the night before that I was lying on my bed at 10 P.M. in anticipation of me waking up at 5:30 A.M. the following day. I think I was so giddy that I actually was not able to get any sleep. Zero. I was late and thankfully the instructor was stuck in the same traffic as I was and so she was late as well. Oh and actually the FX I was riding bumped the rear of the car in front so we had to get off in the middle of EDSA. How cool was that? Yoga was fun, and it's quite hard mind you, having to stretch like a rubber band and balance like a totem pole. Now if only Shui had showers because THEY DON'T. It actually puzzled me that how come this spa does not have showers? So there I was at 8:30 A.M., making a split-second decision whether I should just forgo taking a bath all together so that I could get to work in time.

Hell no. I'd rather not go to work rather than feel sticky and sweaty the whole day. So I went to the house of my previous officemate to take a shower and arrived at the office at 11 A.M. Hail the model employee!

I think the only positive thing that happened to me yesterday was the sole meal of the day which was eaten at 3 P.M. I'm an anorexic insomniac. How cool is that?

Yey Jollibee spaghetti!
Oh and yeah, I traversed EDSA riding a bus and no more morning yoga for me.

22 January 2011

Shopping Ban

I was looking at my credit card statements and I realized that I would seriously have to curb my shopping fixes and redefine my sources of happiness. Looking at my credit card statements suddenly made me feel melancholic. The following (which I deem are still necessities) would have to be put on hold:

1. red Zara cardigan
2. beige Zara cardigan
3. Nike yoga pants
4. Nike sports bag
5. M.A.C. Studio Fix powder foundation
6. Nars Orgasm blush
7. black purse

Oh my I really hope that the bonus comes in February. *sniffs*

21 January 2011

From Pennsylvania with Love

October of last year, I went online shopping at amazon.com and had my items delivered to my friend Helen, who happened to be my cousin's girlfriend, who was taking her PhD at UPenn. Yeah she just has this uncanny alien-like intelligence like that. Three agonizing months after, the babies reached Manila!

The best part? I got them for less than PhP5,000! A pair of shoes and a bag from Aldo and another pair from Steve Madden at that price??? You would not be able to score that here in the Philippines even if you cry stones. SCORE!!!

Here's our despedida pics at Cafe Breton at GB3 where we were exposed to the ultra-obvious world of flesh trade. Discretion is so 1990's.
...and more sin. Duh it has Nutella! Let me be a sinner!
I am a sucker for pretty food presentations so I loved my cappuccino that it took me 5 minutes of adoration before I took a sip.

Oh and before we left we saw this hooker doing negotiations with this foreigner at GB5. sad to say she went home...without the man.
I was supposed to have yoga classes today but due to the effin rain, there was a scarcity of taxi cabs all over the metro that an hour and a soking pair of pants later, I gave up and decided to go home. I was so yoga-ready pa naman! I was finally able to buy a yoga mat after procrastinating (which actually did not make any sense since I am to buy one no matter what happens) for ages. I decided to forgo the pink and chose a more serious color. However, I saw the cutest yoga mat bag at this store called Apostrophe in Glorietta and I could not resist.

I needed a black belt and it was a good thing that Dorothy Perkins still had them. I actually had to go back because I was trying to postpone my purchase but what the hell. What difference would that make? I got small this time because the last time, I got medium and I had to bore another hole so that it would actually serve its purpose of holding my pants up. Yehesss...small...

Oh and to top it all off, I did more La Senza shopping today. I swear that store is so addicting. Major undies closet revamp! 

Okay this has got to stop!!!

19 January 2011

The Holiday Aftermath

And you think all the holiday shopping is over? Think again. Gawd, my EQ is tested to the fullest whenever I step inside the mall these days that I want to blindfold myself during lunch. All stores are on sale. ALL.

A few days into 2011 and I managed to swipe my card already. Blame them.

I was just actually accompanying my officemate to Zara and it turned out that I bought more pieces than her. The shirts were at 30% off. They were some basic staples for my wardrobe.

I got two brassieres at PhP995 but of course I would not be posting my underwear in cyberspace. They are very cute though.

I got drawn to the shirt the moment I saw it hanging on the rack. I actually imagined right there and then how I would style it and with what piece of my wardrobe I would wear it with. The cardigan I needed because I do not have a black one and I just could not have enough cardigans. The dress is a basic one and to prove how stylish that is, I just saw two other people wearing it and hopefully I do not run into any of them.

You could never have enough of them. Trust me.

I told myself that I should not be doing anymore shopping because if the saying is true, that what you did the start of the year would define the rest of the year...then mine would end in me going bankrupt.

And oh yeah probably giving body shots.

17 January 2011

Twirl Berry: Froyo in the South

I was amazed to have found a yogurt place in Tacloban. Why? Becuse it took forever to have a mall there, the mall being Robinson's. Henry Sy has not even invested to build a branch of SM there. Cebu does not have froyo which can be compared to the ones in Manila; and Tacloban does.

The interiors were really nice. Funny though because it reminds me of the California Berry franchise.

They have provided combinations, just like White Hat's, for those who cannot decide on what to have but for those who want to make their own concoctions, they have a lot of toppings to choose from.
From fruits...
...to candies.
My mom had her staple combination of mango, blueberries and kiwi.

Well, mine's pretty staple too: mango, blueberries and crushed graham. Yum!

Our family is just so into fro-yo.

I'm happy with this big leap for Tacloban. Yey you're in already!
Verdict: 5 spoons
Twirl Berry is located at Real St., Tacloban City, Leyte

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