21 January 2011

From Pennsylvania with Love

October of last year, I went online shopping at amazon.com and had my items delivered to my friend Helen, who happened to be my cousin's girlfriend, who was taking her PhD at UPenn. Yeah she just has this uncanny alien-like intelligence like that. Three agonizing months after, the babies reached Manila!

The best part? I got them for less than PhP5,000! A pair of shoes and a bag from Aldo and another pair from Steve Madden at that price??? You would not be able to score that here in the Philippines even if you cry stones. SCORE!!!

Here's our despedida pics at Cafe Breton at GB3 where we were exposed to the ultra-obvious world of flesh trade. Discretion is so 1990's.
...and more sin. Duh it has Nutella! Let me be a sinner!
I am a sucker for pretty food presentations so I loved my cappuccino that it took me 5 minutes of adoration before I took a sip.

Oh and before we left we saw this hooker doing negotiations with this foreigner at GB5. sad to say she went home...without the man.
I was supposed to have yoga classes today but due to the effin rain, there was a scarcity of taxi cabs all over the metro that an hour and a soking pair of pants later, I gave up and decided to go home. I was so yoga-ready pa naman! I was finally able to buy a yoga mat after procrastinating (which actually did not make any sense since I am to buy one no matter what happens) for ages. I decided to forgo the pink and chose a more serious color. However, I saw the cutest yoga mat bag at this store called Apostrophe in Glorietta and I could not resist.

I needed a black belt and it was a good thing that Dorothy Perkins still had them. I actually had to go back because I was trying to postpone my purchase but what the hell. What difference would that make? I got small this time because the last time, I got medium and I had to bore another hole so that it would actually serve its purpose of holding my pants up. Yehesss...small...

Oh and to top it all off, I did more La Senza shopping today. I swear that store is so addicting. Major undies closet revamp! 

Okay this has got to stop!!!

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