01 January 2011

Happy New Decade! *Hic*

I always look forward to New Year's eve because it is the only time of the year that my childhood friends and I are complete which is actually funny considering that we live near each other. I like celebrating New Year more than Christmas because the fireworks, festive mood and noise just perk me up. Let me start 2011 with an outfit post.
dress: Mango
shoes: VNC
accesories: from Korea and New Zealand
My family and I actually ate Media Noche before midnight because we were all starving. So much for traditions. Haha.

Come fireworks time I went out to view the show up above and to light sparklers with my beloved friends.

It has been automatic that after the fireworks, we all gather at Ron's house for a mini party. In the tradition of our Annual New Year Basagan (Filipino slang for getting really really drunk), I present ourselves through the years. This is embarrassing but I'm doing it. Oh and as I was looking at our pictures...I did got thin didn't I?
2008 at Homeowner's Christmas Party (No New Year pics for me. I was down with the flu that time)
2010 - No basagan pics because only Angelo and I got to taste Jose. Everyone was missing. Boo!
Since we did not have the usual celebration las year, we made sure to double it this year. Double is an understatement as we were all buzzed big time! This was the most alcohol that we had in a long long time.
Woohoo! Improvised tripod!
Tagay pa pare!
Parteh Parteh!
Somebody's really buzzed. Guess who? :P
Wasted. CHECK!
I must say that I was lucky that I reached my bed because I was so, so wasted. Start the new decade drunk!  Hope that the start of your year was as good as mine. Happy New Year everyone!

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