19 January 2011

The Holiday Aftermath

And you think all the holiday shopping is over? Think again. Gawd, my EQ is tested to the fullest whenever I step inside the mall these days that I want to blindfold myself during lunch. All stores are on sale. ALL.

A few days into 2011 and I managed to swipe my card already. Blame them.

I was just actually accompanying my officemate to Zara and it turned out that I bought more pieces than her. The shirts were at 30% off. They were some basic staples for my wardrobe.

I got two brassieres at PhP995 but of course I would not be posting my underwear in cyberspace. They are very cute though.

I got drawn to the shirt the moment I saw it hanging on the rack. I actually imagined right there and then how I would style it and with what piece of my wardrobe I would wear it with. The cardigan I needed because I do not have a black one and I just could not have enough cardigans. The dress is a basic one and to prove how stylish that is, I just saw two other people wearing it and hopefully I do not run into any of them.

You could never have enough of them. Trust me.

I told myself that I should not be doing anymore shopping because if the saying is true, that what you did the start of the year would define the rest of the year...then mine would end in me going bankrupt.

And oh yeah probably giving body shots.

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