29 January 2011

Let's Get Back on Track

The past days had been really difficult and I was really close to losing it. I needed a breather so I went out yesterday with my Chemical Engineer friends. I met up with Raq and Dyna at Cyma at Greenbelt 2. Can I just say that I really love Cyma?
Spinach and Artichoke Fondue. Yum!
Yummy Moussaka. Bad photo.
Chicken Gyro
About 30 minutes to dinner, a couple walked in. I noticed the pretty girl, but hell the guy stole the show. We were seated beside music icon Ely Buendia! How cool was that? I was not able to take a photo. I don't want to look like a fantard you know?

We were actually supposed to go to Agave at Bonifacio Hight Street but due to some circumstances, i.e. Xy suddenly backing out because he was busy putting up an employee union at his company, we decided to just stay in Makati. We transferred to Masas because that's the only place aside from Chili's that I know serves decent margaritas. Oh and we bumped into Winston who continuously bugged me about my non-existent relationship with my friend Bob. He's actually giving us 2 years to be together. Silly boy. Haha.
Strawberry Margaritas! Love!
Anyway, so I'll open up a little. Basically, I've been having a hard time lately because I am simply unhappy with how my life is going. I have zero self-esteem and me being not in a relationship (and not being in one ever) actually buries it to the ground even more. Growing up, I had been the fat kid that was always teased. I was never asked to the prom. I never went out on dates. Simply put, I am not beautiful. Period. 

My stress is getting to be so unhealthy for me already. I need a vacation...or more alcohol.


  1. aww hey don't say that! you're only putting yourself down more! maybe you're not doing an effort to meet guys also? but, don't lose hope! =) cheer up!

    <3 hazel

  2. Hey Hazel! You're really reading my posts, I'm amazed haha! I just have a lot of issues, those are just brain farts. But thanks! :)


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