30 January 2011

Making Exceptions

I did post days ago that I will be on a shopping ban. However, since I was feeling so down lately I had to find an  outlet for me to get giddy. If there is a place that would soothe all my anxiety and take away my negative vibe, that would be the beach. I'm your first class beach bum.

Anyhow, I wanted some ME time so after I did some yoga, I went to Red Mango and had my usual froyo with strawberries, mango and crushed graham. I tried the original swirled with green tea and uhm I think I'd stick to the original flavor. Not a green tea fan here. Oh and I took a shot at doodling my thoughts and I've came to realize how non-cohesive they are. Haha.

Let's go to the beach part. I've been dreaming of strutting on the beach wearing a red bikini, but you know as they say, sometimes when you are on a hunt for something specific you just don't find it. I got these at Debenhams instead:

It took me sometime before deciding on getting this beach bag. It is around 70% off and I don't have a decent one for outings so what the hell. 
It has stones!
Now this is actually the best part. I got the bikini set at a whopping PhP 410. Dear Lord that was cheap!

So why don't we skip February and head over to March instead? I'm so excited for my beach trip!!!

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