26 January 2011


Something's just not right about yesterday. Of course the country's highlight was the bombing of a bus along EDSA, whose death toll is at 5 as of this moment. The police still could not find the reason for such gruelsome crime but they are looking at the angles of destabilizing the government, terrorism and to divert the public's attention from the carjacking incidents that has shaken the nation recently. I'm thankful that my day sucked but not as much.

I finally was able to get to Shui Spa for my first yoga class. I actually was giddy the night before that I was lying on my bed at 10 P.M. in anticipation of me waking up at 5:30 A.M. the following day. I think I was so giddy that I actually was not able to get any sleep. Zero. I was late and thankfully the instructor was stuck in the same traffic as I was and so she was late as well. Oh and actually the FX I was riding bumped the rear of the car in front so we had to get off in the middle of EDSA. How cool was that? Yoga was fun, and it's quite hard mind you, having to stretch like a rubber band and balance like a totem pole. Now if only Shui had showers because THEY DON'T. It actually puzzled me that how come this spa does not have showers? So there I was at 8:30 A.M., making a split-second decision whether I should just forgo taking a bath all together so that I could get to work in time.

Hell no. I'd rather not go to work rather than feel sticky and sweaty the whole day. So I went to the house of my previous officemate to take a shower and arrived at the office at 11 A.M. Hail the model employee!

I think the only positive thing that happened to me yesterday was the sole meal of the day which was eaten at 3 P.M. I'm an anorexic insomniac. How cool is that?

Yey Jollibee spaghetti!
Oh and yeah, I traversed EDSA riding a bus and no more morning yoga for me.

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