10 January 2011

Siegfred and Diane

I have been there at the start of their relationship and I am just so happy to have been a part of this new chapter of their lives. Kuya Siegfred is like a brother to me, having lived with us during his college years. I must say that Diane was a fine, fine choice as we really clicked that more than her being Kuya's girlfriend, she became a dear friend.

Travelling to Tacloban was no big deal; the love that these two share is just so inspiring. :) The wedding rites happened at the Archbishop's Palace where both there parents were wed years ago while the reception was held at Le Jardin in Tacloban City.
Hannah and Chloe: cute flower girls :)
Sean the arrhae bearer
Lookie my name!
Ampao FTW! They got rich at this part. LOL.
The set-up for Kuya Jojo and Helen.
I was actually a secondary sponsor and they did give me this ridiculously low-cut dress at the back. I swear had it been colder, I would have caught pneumonia. It was sexy though.
backless kung backless!

Their wedding became a reunion of some sort as I got reminded of how big our family was. Haha.
Morden cousins represent!
But this has got to be the most priceless moment of the night: My uncles getting their pictures taken at the photobooth. For the win!

I wish you two forever! And oh yeah, babies. Soon huh?

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