22 January 2011

Shopping Ban

I was looking at my credit card statements and I realized that I would seriously have to curb my shopping fixes and redefine my sources of happiness. Looking at my credit card statements suddenly made me feel melancholic. The following (which I deem are still necessities) would have to be put on hold:

1. red Zara cardigan
2. beige Zara cardigan
3. Nike yoga pants
4. Nike sports bag
5. M.A.C. Studio Fix powder foundation
6. Nars Orgasm blush
7. black purse

Oh my I really hope that the bonus comes in February. *sniffs*


  1. aww sorry to hear about that.. must be a nightmare having to put a great shopping spree on hold :(

    oh btw, i followed your blog :)

    <3 hazel

  2. Hi Hazel! Thanks for following. Hope you enjoy reading :)


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