26 February 2011

Fried Ice Cream...Say Whuuuut?

My first encounter with fried ice cream was back in college. Funny that I was so intrigued and yet I have never tried it; well until about 10 years later...and I learned that there really was no frying involved.

We saw this kiosk at a mall and got pretty curious

It actually starts with this emulsion that they "fry" like a crepe in this cold plate.

Then you choose which topping you would like to go with your ice cream.

I chose to have chocolate ice cream topped with butterscotch and mini nips. Voila!

It's no Haagen Dazs, heck it's no Selecta either but for 25 pesos and the effort and fun, it's worth it. I just wished they would add more ice cream pans because it limits them from producing more cups. It's just so effin' slow.

This is probably one of those experiences that I would only have once then I'm okay not experiencing it again haha. I'm sticking with Selecta. *laughs*

20 February 2011

Single is Sexy

dress: People are People
necklace: Tomato
shoes: Catch

Alright, before God decides that I am not grateful for the weight loss and stuffs my body back with fats, I got thin and I am loving it! It's not like it was deliberate; I actually have no idea how I shredded the pounds off. Maybe I was just submerged in a whole lotta stress that before I knew it, people were asking if I got sick. Actually, the main point of this post is that I could finally wear a tube dress with utmost conviction. Yebah!

I partied with friends at Encore last night and I had a blast. First things first, I had dinner with Joanne and Abii at Cafe Mary Grace at Serendra.
Leek and Saffron Cream with Dory Fillet. Favorite!

That's the only nice thing about being single; I don't have to ask for permission for anything. Well and I could flirt. Haha.
Joyce and Tavo - reason why there was a party :)
I am so borrowing Kelly's dress. Haha.
It was my second time at the place and it hasn't changed much since it was previously known as Embassy. I just wish that the DJs knew what they were doing because they could not even play 3 straight party songs which were nice and not mashed up. Oh well, so long as we were having fun.

Funny story. I think I still got game. Hihi.

19 February 2011

When on Sick Leave...

Last Wednesday, my anemia kicked in like crazy as I could barely get up due to nausea. I got off my bed at around noon then checked Nuffnang as my post made it to the top 30 who got to win. I decided to utilize my leave and claim my prize at Bonifacio High Street and I actually wore slacks just in case I decided to be the model employee that I am and go to work. Well so much for that thought as I shrugged it off the moment I got on board The Fort Bus. I love, love this bus! For 11 pesos I get to go to BHS already from the Ayala MRT. Besides, I would not make it on time anyway and sick leaves would not be carried over the following year.
Photo taken from Manila Gateway.
I'm going to blab a bit about this because I would really like to be still living when the day comes that all buses would stop at designated bus stops. Same as what countries like Singapore and Hong Kong are doing right now; this is a good start.

Anyway, I got to win these:

The perfume's name actually embodies its scent. I'm not really big on the florals but I guess this would be handy during nightouts. I gave the male version to Bob as I don't have any use for that.

Speaking of nightouts, I'm going clubbing later at Encore and I bought a dress. I was so ecstatic to find that People are People at Glorietta was on sale and I found the perfect one and it was just for an effin' 500 pesos. Would you believe that?

Well, I found another for the daytime. Oh and it was sized XS. I was shocked it fitted me well. Hihi.

To complete the look, I got these necklaces from Tomato at PhP 100 each.

Shopping ban? What shopping ban?

Before I end this, I downloaded an application for my android phone and now my messages look like this:
Iphone much?
It's my sister's birthday today and I'm getting her a cooling pad. She's not high maintenance like that. Haha.

17 February 2011

How's the Heart?

I get nauseous every time February kicks in and I get really bummed during the 14th. Self-explanatory: I am single and I have always been. This year I celebrated V-day...with the single ladies. Who said that Hearts Day is for couples only?

I had dinner with Joanne and Giulia at Pasto at Eastwood City. Pasto is the bomb. I'm not a big fan of white sauce on my pasta but they have this one named Romano and I am solved. Oh Romano! You are love!
Pasto Pizza. Redundant yes?
Romano. My photo does not give this dish justice. Tsss.
After carbo-loading and people watching, which translates to making up stories about other people eating at the resto, we decided to have dessert and margaritas at Jack's Loft. On any other day, their cheesecake is absolutely delish but that night, oh dear. Disappointment to the highest levels. Not because it was not fabulous but because it took eternity before that one slice arrived. we found it suspicious that there was a surge of chessecakes everywhere. Did they make sure that they get an order of eight slices first and then went on baking a whole cake?

The star of the show. The million-dollar cheesecake! In fairness it was delicious.

Oh and for the answer to this post's title. The heart is okay, still pumping blood. Someone's making me giddy right now. If the sparks would eventually turn to fireworks, that I have yet to see. I am reluctant still to move forward having been burnt a couple of times before. I only hope that this would be worth taking a chance at. 

Funny. I had this fortune cookie earlier.
Maybe I should. :)

08 February 2011

What Makes Me Loud?

Truthfully, loud is definitely one adjective that would encompass my personality. I was never the timid one and I was never the wallflower. I like to stand out and I make sure that I do.

I have always loved dressing up and my sense of style involve prints and colors. I'm no plain jane and I love fashion.

I say what I want to say and give out my opinions as long as I know that I am on the right path and that I have the right to do so. I have been at the top of my class ever since I was a kid and I must say I have mastered my leadership skills through the years. That is one thing that I have nailed blame it to Mr. Oblation.

I have been through heartaches and I must say I have picked up and glued myself together for quite a number of times already. I was shattered, in a gazillion pieces, mind you but hey here I am. I managed to fight and will continue to do so for as long as I am alive.

So what is this entry for? It's for me to get this one pictured below.

See Nuffnang for details: http://www.nuffnang.com.ph/blog/2011/02/08/tommy-hilfigers-loud-contest/

07 February 2011

This is Sparta

I would just like to say that if there was one thing that I know I could be proud of, that would be my brain. So please no questioning of competency and capabilities here because that is just so wrong and I don't have to prove anything to anyone...especially to you.

Anyway enough with the surge of bad vibes as the weekend has been kind to me. Kind is an understatement actually, the weekend had been phenomenal!

My friend Tres and I were finally able to meet after more than a year and he brought me to this Korean restaurant named Yedang along Meralco Ave. in Pasig. I'm not so much of a Korean food fan but hey their food is yummy. For starters, they will give you six appetizers for free and you can ask for two more. I was a fan of the marbled potatoes and the crispy dilis. The kimchi has yet to grow on me.
We ordered Bulgogi (PhP 250) and Pork Spareribs (PhP300). We were not able to grill the spareribs ourselves because they have a minimum order for that. The Beef Bulgogi was very tasty and tender. You eat it by wrapping it with sauce and rice inside the leaves.
The spareribs were okay. I don't know why a lot of people don't like sweet pork. Me, I love meat with a tinge of sweetness.
Oh and we did some camwhoring in the middle of Julia Vargas while we were stuck in traffic.
There's no law against this naman diba?
That same day I had an impromptu dinner with my Petron batchmates Paul, Rane and Shella at Army Navy. While waiting for Paul, we had yogurt at Golden Spoon.
New York Cheesecake with Mixed Berries

Now if only the waitress did not cut me off this photo. Pfft.
  Come Saturday was Bob's Birthday Basagan and boy oh boy did we get drunk. I love it!
Chef Bob's Chili Garlic Chicken with Basil
the culprit

I was so wasted that I had problems recalling what really transpired that night. I swear I could not remember most some of the things that happened. Dear Lord.

Well I'm happy right now. Let's just see how long this will last.

P.S. I'm getting kilig over something. Teehee.

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