26 February 2011

Fried Ice Cream...Say Whuuuut?

My first encounter with fried ice cream was back in college. Funny that I was so intrigued and yet I have never tried it; well until about 10 years later...and I learned that there really was no frying involved.

We saw this kiosk at a mall and got pretty curious

It actually starts with this emulsion that they "fry" like a crepe in this cold plate.

Then you choose which topping you would like to go with your ice cream.

I chose to have chocolate ice cream topped with butterscotch and mini nips. Voila!

It's no Haagen Dazs, heck it's no Selecta either but for 25 pesos and the effort and fun, it's worth it. I just wished they would add more ice cream pans because it limits them from producing more cups. It's just so effin' slow.

This is probably one of those experiences that I would only have once then I'm okay not experiencing it again haha. I'm sticking with Selecta. *laughs*

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