17 February 2011

How's the Heart?

I get nauseous every time February kicks in and I get really bummed during the 14th. Self-explanatory: I am single and I have always been. This year I celebrated V-day...with the single ladies. Who said that Hearts Day is for couples only?

I had dinner with Joanne and Giulia at Pasto at Eastwood City. Pasto is the bomb. I'm not a big fan of white sauce on my pasta but they have this one named Romano and I am solved. Oh Romano! You are love!
Pasto Pizza. Redundant yes?
Romano. My photo does not give this dish justice. Tsss.
After carbo-loading and people watching, which translates to making up stories about other people eating at the resto, we decided to have dessert and margaritas at Jack's Loft. On any other day, their cheesecake is absolutely delish but that night, oh dear. Disappointment to the highest levels. Not because it was not fabulous but because it took eternity before that one slice arrived. we found it suspicious that there was a surge of chessecakes everywhere. Did they make sure that they get an order of eight slices first and then went on baking a whole cake?

The star of the show. The million-dollar cheesecake! In fairness it was delicious.

Oh and for the answer to this post's title. The heart is okay, still pumping blood. Someone's making me giddy right now. If the sparks would eventually turn to fireworks, that I have yet to see. I am reluctant still to move forward having been burnt a couple of times before. I only hope that this would be worth taking a chance at. 

Funny. I had this fortune cookie earlier.
Maybe I should. :)

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