07 February 2011

This is Sparta

I would just like to say that if there was one thing that I know I could be proud of, that would be my brain. So please no questioning of competency and capabilities here because that is just so wrong and I don't have to prove anything to anyone...especially to you.

Anyway enough with the surge of bad vibes as the weekend has been kind to me. Kind is an understatement actually, the weekend had been phenomenal!

My friend Tres and I were finally able to meet after more than a year and he brought me to this Korean restaurant named Yedang along Meralco Ave. in Pasig. I'm not so much of a Korean food fan but hey their food is yummy. For starters, they will give you six appetizers for free and you can ask for two more. I was a fan of the marbled potatoes and the crispy dilis. The kimchi has yet to grow on me.
We ordered Bulgogi (PhP 250) and Pork Spareribs (PhP300). We were not able to grill the spareribs ourselves because they have a minimum order for that. The Beef Bulgogi was very tasty and tender. You eat it by wrapping it with sauce and rice inside the leaves.
The spareribs were okay. I don't know why a lot of people don't like sweet pork. Me, I love meat with a tinge of sweetness.
Oh and we did some camwhoring in the middle of Julia Vargas while we were stuck in traffic.
There's no law against this naman diba?
That same day I had an impromptu dinner with my Petron batchmates Paul, Rane and Shella at Army Navy. While waiting for Paul, we had yogurt at Golden Spoon.
New York Cheesecake with Mixed Berries

Now if only the waitress did not cut me off this photo. Pfft.
  Come Saturday was Bob's Birthday Basagan and boy oh boy did we get drunk. I love it!
Chef Bob's Chili Garlic Chicken with Basil
the culprit

I was so wasted that I had problems recalling what really transpired that night. I swear I could not remember most some of the things that happened. Dear Lord.

Well I'm happy right now. Let's just see how long this will last.

P.S. I'm getting kilig over something. Teehee.

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