19 February 2011

When on Sick Leave...

Last Wednesday, my anemia kicked in like crazy as I could barely get up due to nausea. I got off my bed at around noon then checked Nuffnang as my post made it to the top 30 who got to win. I decided to utilize my leave and claim my prize at Bonifacio High Street and I actually wore slacks just in case I decided to be the model employee that I am and go to work. Well so much for that thought as I shrugged it off the moment I got on board The Fort Bus. I love, love this bus! For 11 pesos I get to go to BHS already from the Ayala MRT. Besides, I would not make it on time anyway and sick leaves would not be carried over the following year.
Photo taken from Manila Gateway.
I'm going to blab a bit about this because I would really like to be still living when the day comes that all buses would stop at designated bus stops. Same as what countries like Singapore and Hong Kong are doing right now; this is a good start.

Anyway, I got to win these:

The perfume's name actually embodies its scent. I'm not really big on the florals but I guess this would be handy during nightouts. I gave the male version to Bob as I don't have any use for that.

Speaking of nightouts, I'm going clubbing later at Encore and I bought a dress. I was so ecstatic to find that People are People at Glorietta was on sale and I found the perfect one and it was just for an effin' 500 pesos. Would you believe that?

Well, I found another for the daytime. Oh and it was sized XS. I was shocked it fitted me well. Hihi.

To complete the look, I got these necklaces from Tomato at PhP 100 each.

Shopping ban? What shopping ban?

Before I end this, I downloaded an application for my android phone and now my messages look like this:
Iphone much?
It's my sister's birthday today and I'm getting her a cooling pad. She's not high maintenance like that. Haha.

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