04 April 2011

Being Happy the Best Way I Know How

I needed an upper badly and, well, shopping never fails to amuse me. I needed (yes need being the operative word) to buy some stuff for my makeup kit which I think has been long overdue.

I finally got myself to invest in a compact. I have been using this rice powder from Palladio for about two years now. It's actually very nice and light that I use it for everyday.

However, loose powder could be a little bit of a hassle to use especially when you are not in a restroom or someplace without a mirror. So I finally got myself to invest in a compact. I was supposed to buy the Select Sheer pressed powder of M.A.C but after trying the Studio Careblend line, I was convinced that it was more suited for me, having blemished skin and all. It has more coverage than the sheer powder.

I also got the sexiest blush ever from The Balm. Presenting Cabana Boy!
Naughty. Me likey.

It's very pigmented that a light sweep would color your face already. Very worth the price I must say.

Oh and I'm getting really tired with acne that I finally gave in to using Proactiv. Give me two months and i will give a review of this product. I might as well change my lifestyle as well. I've been really getting very little sleep lately.

I also got myself chick lits. I want to start reading however my brain could not probably comprehend something that calls for analyzing or a plot so thick as ooze. I want to believe in love but I'd rather die before reading those absurd novels of Judith Mc Naught. At least these are close to home.

Reading this, I realized that I really did exhaust my card. Thank heavens for bonuses. Geez.

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