07 April 2011

The Face Shop's Colorful Palette

Truthfully, lipstick is the most unused member of my makeup kit. I swipe color in the morning then totally forget about retouching for the rest of the day. Reason why I don't really spend much on it, I feel like I don't utilize it very well. Although, I really like looking at magazines and test samples at stores but I just don't feel like buying. so when I saw this at The Face Shop, I felt like my problem was about to be solved.

This is Colorful Lip Palette 01. This has more rosy and pink hues while the 02 one has more oranges and browns. It solves my problems of: 1) not being able to utilize the whole lipstick and 2) not wanting to spend a fprtune on lipstick. The palette has four colors and costs about PhP 450.

Actually, I don't see any difference between the matte and the glossy variants. As for the staying power, Maybelline lipsticks stays longer. This reminds me more of a lipgloss. I still like it though. This would probably train me to retouch. Haha.

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