18 April 2011

Kiss on the Lips: Lip Ice Colored Lip Balm

Not that I would be writing anything about kissing someone here, that is definitely not for public consumption. I've always had a problem with my chapped lips. I can't really figure out why it just dies not want to sty healthy so I make it a point to carry a lip balm with me. I'm currently using the pot I bought from H&M but as you all girls know, a pot occupies quite a lot of space when you bring a tiny bag. I read about Lip Ice somewhere in cyberspace and people were raving that it's finally here in the Philippines. I decided to head over to Watson's and check it out for myself.

I got myself the tinted variant.

When I saw this I wondered, what the hell is a water microsphere? I was so stumped and restless that I just had to google it. Haha. Apparently, the microsphere technology is supposed to retain 62% of water which should keep your lips hydrated.

The Candy Apple variant gives your lips a reddish tint. What I like about is that it could actually serve as your lip color already.

Now what I don't like. I was looking for that typical lip balm taste, being used to the fruity and flavored ones. This tasted blah. Aside from that, I wonder where the hell is the microsphere technology? My lips continue to chap unless maybe I swipe it every ten minutes which would probably make me look like an uber vain person.    Well to begin with, I don't have that much diligence to do that. I'd rather peel off the chapped epidermis than swipe lip balm to be honest.

So kudos to the tint and size but the moisturizing effect killed this one. I'll continue to use it though because it fits my puny bag perfectly for night outs. I'll probably stick to my H&M lip balm for most days however.

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  1. aww too bad for the taste and the chappy problem :|


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