08 May 2011

New Toy

If it's not obvious yet, I love taking pictures and immortalizing moments. My friends have always relied on me to be toting a camera whenever we go out or take trips. I am a shutterbug if I may say. I have been with my Canon Ixus 80, which I bought in Singapore, for almost three years now and I deem that it's high time for an upgrade. The Ixus is still working fine but I need to keep up with technology and sometimes I'm not satisfied with it anymore. After giving it much thought and deliberation, I finally purchased a replacement. I bought this online from Kimstore at around PhP10,000 off the current market price.

The Power Shot S95 is the shiznitz! It produces DSLR-like photos at such a compact form. I don't like the bulk of the DSLR so I need something much more compact. Here are some samples that I took while trying to figure out what all the functions:

I can't wait for new adventures with this baby. Canon S95 is love! 


  1. 10k off the regular price?? good deal!! :D will check that site nga :) i find my slr a hassle to bring!

  2. Yup! You may need to contact her though because she does not post Canon point and shoots on her site. The S95 is much more like the G12, with the manual functions and all, but it's much smaller. Go get this camera! :D

  3. yeah, i kind of noticed it's similar to g12 nga :) so how much nalang yung s95 when you bought it? :)


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