05 June 2011

Duty Free Buys

My father went home a week ago and of course, as an annual routine of my family, it is automatic that we would head over to Duty Free Philippines to load on PX goodies. I leave the edible stuff to my siblings; here's my loot:

M.A.C. was actually the only reason why I wanted to go there. The morning we went to DFP, I was actually nursing a very bad hangover but for the love of cosmetics, I dragged my very nauseous self to shop. I've heard that M.A.C. is about 20-30% cheaper there as compared to mall prices.  I needed a good foundation and was contemplating on getting either from NARS or from M.A.C.. But since NARS was just ridiculously expensive, I got myself the other. I have a concealer and powder from M.A.C. as well. My concealer is the NC35 shade but the sales lady told me that my foundation shade is NC30 only. Hmmm did I get fairer? LOL.
Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (33 USD)
Since it would be so much hassle to unscrew the bottle, and unhygienic as well, so I bought a pump for it.
Foundation Pump (4 USD)
Truthfully, I am afraid of lip color. I'd rather stay neutral in shades of mauve and tones of brown but something inside urged me to buy M.A.C. lipstick in Russian Red. They say that only the bold and the brave dare wear red lipstick. Maybe I wanted to psych myself that I am. This shade is actually very wearable to my surprise. I've always thought that I would never be able to pull red off for the life of me but I actually did.
M.A.C. lipstick in Russian Red (18 USD)
Since using Proactiv, I noticed that my skin actually became dry and started to peel. I needed a non-comedogenic moisturizer because my skin really breaks out in reaction to new products. I usually do not have a healthy relationship with face products, I was looking for Cetaphil since it is the queen of products for sensitive skin but the supermarket just does not carry anything of this brand. I went to get Aveeno instead. Let's see if I develop a lasting relationship with it.
Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 (18 USD)
Lastly, I got lint sheets from the home section just because I hate looking like I rolled on someone else's carpet whenever I wear black pants. Besides, isn't the packaging lovely?
Lint Sheets (2 USD)
Now that I think of it, I should have probably hoarded on chocolates as well since my siblings do not seem to think that I too have a sweet tooth. They just would not give me any. Geez.

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