27 September 2011

Date Night at Omakase

Put together a dating game late bloomer and a dating virgin and you'll probably have a night overflowing with awkwardness. What happened was quite the opposite.

Anyway, so this whirlwind semi-love story started quite unconventionally. I would not go further into the details aside from the fact that we have been friends for a good 3 years already. No name-dropping yet as I do not want to sensationalize this at this early stage. It's just now that we're trying to explore the possibility that we could be more. I decided on the place and since we both love Japanese, we had dinner at Omakase in Libis.

We were both starving as he came from Bataan and I just had an exam so we ordered a lot. And by "a lot" it meant food for 4 people. I could not breathe after eating.

American Dream was the best seller among their Makimonos as evident on the raves of food bloggers. It's salmon, kani and cream cheese maki rolled in tempura batter then deep fried.
American Dream (PhP 190)

Since I am allergic to shrimps, we opted for the Kani Tempura. I love kani! Look at how cute it was arranged on the plate.

Truth is, I took over the menu so all of the food we got was to the liking of my taste buds. I cannot have Japanese without Chicken Teriyaki. It's my staple main course on the table.
Chicken Teriyaki (PhP185)
He wanted soup so we went for Sukiyaki. Omakase's Sukiyaki came in a pot and could actually serve, well 4. I don't think it was ever intended for 2 unless that's the only thing you're eating. It actually had a lot of vermicelli that it absorbed most of the soup.
Sukiyaki (PhP 250)
We were settled when the waitress persuaded us to get one of their specialties which was the Softshell Crab Tempura. In my mind, we had already ordered a lot. But for the sake of trying out something new, then we gave it a try. I was intrigued but indeed the shell was soft! No traces of chitin. Oh yeah that's the nerd in me talking.
Softshell Crab (PhP 325)
I'm very much satisfied with Omakase and everything served was absolutely delicious and not commercialized. Their food was also not ridiculously priced and servings were okay. I'm glad that our first date turned out to be a gastronomic feast as well. Alright I'm getting all sappy and cheesy now. ;P

26 September 2011

Back From the Dead

Cross my heart, I really wanted to update this blog but I've been really busy toxic that I can't even get a decent snooze. I'm really drowning in work and school stuff that my what seemed to be endless supply of energy is not unlimited after all. I haven't been up to anything exciting save for the fact that somebody's making me kilig like a teenage school girl. Haha.

I like surprises. So I was really thrilled when I received this package one afternoon.

So those who really know me could attest that I am one big coffee drinker. I run on caffeine that I'll probably just stop functioning without it. I'm not really much into tea. Though I love milk tea, there's just something different with the hardcore teabags...especially the floral ones. I did try for the sake of the person who gave me this but it's just so sad that I haven't acquired his taste yet. :( I'll continue trying though. Promise. LOL.

On more recent matters, I was supposed to write about how I finally gave in to Crocs no matter how hideous they may look like.

Today, I'm really grateful that I did buy a pair because this was the first time that it rained that my feet did not get soaked. Signal number two and my pedicure did not get ruined! Who cares if they don't look pretty? My red nails remained red!

I'm going to write a more cohesive update when I get my writing mojo back. But to sum everything up, I'm exhausted but I'm happy. :)

11 September 2011

Swiss Deli in Davao City

My concept of a deli has been limited to Hungarian sausages and salami. I have never tried buying, much more eating in one. My officemate, Isa, suggested that we try Swiss Deli and Restaurant while we were in Davao.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the stoor was the huge Toblerone bar. I don't know if it actually contained chocolate though. They are selling different Swiss products such as cheese and chocolates. The restaurant is located at the elevated inner portion. Isa and I were not feeling adventurous and ordered Hungarian Sausage with Mashed Potato. You may opt for rice or fries as well.

We went back another day and this time we sampled more of their dishes.
Mediterranean Salad with Penne
Tomato Cream Soup

I really liked their food but the servings could be bigger, or if not, they could certainly lower the price of their food. I was not able to take note of the amount we paid, or maybe I was not really paying attention since I was not paying with my own money. Haha. All I remember was that if I were to pay with my own money, it would probably pain me. But seriously, the food was really good that I'm now dreaming of Hungarian sausages. That probably did not sound right. LOL.

Swiss Deli is located along J.P. Laurel Ave., Lanang, Davao City (across Damosa Building).

06 September 2011


I met up last Sunday at Schu Powerplant Mall with Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums to claim the shoes that I won from her blog contest. There were two of us who won; the other was Gela of Boat Ride Through the Sky. It was probably the nicest contest I won since everyone knows how I adore shoes and Schu is one of my favorite brands. Since I hardly took any photos, I am grabbing most from Aisa's site (with permission of course haha.)
With Aisa and Gela
Gela and her boots. It comes with warmers! Coolbeans.
I love, love my pick! :)
I chose a pair of flats because I walk, and I mean walk, a lot: from work, to school everywhere! I need a pair of comfy and yet stylish flats and this is just perfect!

Here's the three of us wearing our new shoes. This was the only photo I took. Haha.

After which I headed over to katipunan because I was supposed to meet my friend Joanne at Flaming Wings, whose phone totally died on her at the worst time possible. I ended up eating these alone. Boo!!!
Buffalo Wings!
Flaming Oreos is luuurve.

I just had to take a photo of the cute box and my shoes again. I'm an addict like that.

I love my new babies!
I can't wait to wear them. I'm planning to one Saturday gimmick since I'll be coming from school and I really do not have time to prettify. Wish me luck. :)

05 September 2011

Long Time Wants

One of my dreams is to have a walk-in closet which would house all my clothes, shoes and bags. I'm not really sure if I would ever get to accomplish that so for the meantime, this would do.
I really wanted a shoe closet for the longest time because I've lost so many shoes to heat and molds already. It is really not advisavle to keep your shoes inside the box because they also need air to breathe. Aside from that, I also keep on forgetting the pairs that I have. At least now, it's not so hard to recall anymore.

I have also been looking for these lace accesories and I have no idea where on earth to find them. I accidentally saw them at The Ramp. These are from Stylebreak, Laureen Uy's clothing line.

And after years and years of not replacing my totally wrecked indoor slippers, I bought this cute pair from Toeberries. One hundred bucks beybeh.

I'm really having trouble sticking to this shopping ban. I'm convinced that I can't do this. Haha.

04 September 2011

A Decade After

For those who do not know, I am an uber geek. I graduated from *ehem* Philippine science High School in 2001. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since! I feel so old! Last night was Pisay's Alumni Homecoming and I opted to wear something dressy. I finally got to wear my Topshop coral pants!
top: iCandy
pants: Topshop
shoes: Schu
JB necklace: Kandi Treats
bag: Longchamp

The event was hosted by Batch '86 hence, the all yellow theme in commemoration of the EDSA Revolution.

My batch was one of the jubilarian batches and reading this on the souvenir program gave me goosebumps. Then I realized that I have four photos in this page alone. It seemed like my friend, Raab --- who was responsible for this page, grabbed the photos from my facebook page. LOL.

I actually did not pay any attention to the program (bad...) as I was busy taking photos with/of everyone. Photo ops kung photo ops!

This number would not even comprise a class. Hooray for the batch! LOL.

Sci girls with Tech boys

Pisay - Meris chapter

With co-Himig Agham member and future PSHS NAA *naks* member David

With new parents Rupert and Kay and super thin Chelo


...or not.

"Ma'am" Ninna with Nikki, Marvi and Kurt

Speaking of Ninna, who by the way was my Biology teacher then and Facebook BFF now, this was the first time that we saw each other since high school!!! The wonders of social networking that I just woke up and found myself bonded with her over bags and shoes. Geeks can be fashionable too you know?

Here she is with her unico hijo Jacob...

...who brought along company.

Since we cannot really relate to the music of the 80s we decided to leave the party to the elders and headed over to Starbucks at Ayala Technohub. I actually wanted alcohol but, well, aging. Haha.

It was a fun, fun night of reminiscing. I actually am amazed that we never really run out of memories to reminisce about or even if the story has been told, it doesn't really matter. Pisay will forever be responsible for where we all are right now, pursued a career in science as originally planned or deviated and realized that it was actually not right for us. Either way, Pisay will always be home...and it feels really good to be back home.

01 September 2011

Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

I always make it a point to try out dishes and restaurants that the place I am visiting is known for. I did some research and I have came across Tsuru, a local Japanese restaurant in Davao.

Tsuru prides itself in being the first and longest running Japanese restaurant in Davao. From its sole location along J. Camus St., it has expanded and opened a branch at the newly-built Abreeza Mall. Being a Japanese food lover, it was such a gastronomic feast. Upon ordering they will give you this:

For starters, my companions and I sampled the sushi and sashimi. My favorite was the Crazy Maki which is yout typical sushi rolled in crunchy tempura flakes and topped with kani.
Crazy Maki (PhP 185)
Maguro Sashimi (PhP 180)

I was able to sample two soups: Sukiyaki and Chawan Mushi. Sukiyaki is beef, mushroom, leeks, onions and vermicelli in a sweet-salty broth. I found their version too sweet however for my taste. The Chawan Mushi, meanwhile, is a custard soup with meat.
Sukiyaki (PhP 295 - serves 4)
Chawan Mushi (PhP 110)

I have always been a fan of Teriyaki and theirs did not disappoint. Though I think, the two dishes we had tasted alike. The Tori Kawayaki was really yummy! I was not able to take a photo of the Momoyaki which was the typical chicken teriyaki.
Tori Kawayaki (PhP 280 - comes with Miso soup and rice)

One thing that this place could improve in though is the speed of their service. We were there at around 2 PM and we were one of the only two customers inside and yet it took quite a while before our food was served. Other than that, I must say that Tsuru is a must visit dining destination in Davao.

Tsuru is located at the veranda, Ground floor of the Abreeza Mall, Davao City.
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