26 September 2011

Back From the Dead

Cross my heart, I really wanted to update this blog but I've been really busy toxic that I can't even get a decent snooze. I'm really drowning in work and school stuff that my what seemed to be endless supply of energy is not unlimited after all. I haven't been up to anything exciting save for the fact that somebody's making me kilig like a teenage school girl. Haha.

I like surprises. So I was really thrilled when I received this package one afternoon.

So those who really know me could attest that I am one big coffee drinker. I run on caffeine that I'll probably just stop functioning without it. I'm not really much into tea. Though I love milk tea, there's just something different with the hardcore teabags...especially the floral ones. I did try for the sake of the person who gave me this but it's just so sad that I haven't acquired his taste yet. :( I'll continue trying though. Promise. LOL.

On more recent matters, I was supposed to write about how I finally gave in to Crocs no matter how hideous they may look like.

Today, I'm really grateful that I did buy a pair because this was the first time that it rained that my feet did not get soaked. Signal number two and my pedicure did not get ruined! Who cares if they don't look pretty? My red nails remained red!

I'm going to write a more cohesive update when I get my writing mojo back. But to sum everything up, I'm exhausted but I'm happy. :)

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