30 October 2011

I'm Not In It To Win It. I'm Only In It For You.

It's not a secret that I haven't had a serious relationship and that I haven't committed to anyone for reasons that even I am not aware of. Well, maybe things will change soon. *winks*

Last weekend was spent  on an adventure trip to Laiya, Batangas to celebrate the special someone's birthday.  It was my first time to go there commuting and save for the long walk from the main road to the resort, it wasn't really that difficult. We boarded a bus to Lipa from Cubao then got off at the terminal. From there we rode a jeep to San Juan (and found out on the way back that there was an airconditioned van which was a real bummer) and another jeep to Laiya. We then trekked towards the resort which felt really, really far because of the scorching sun. after what felt like eternity, we then reached our destination: Estrellas de Mendoza Playa.

EMPR is the only high-rise resort in the area. The resort was practically empty when we arrived because one, we were there on a Sunday; and two, it was super low season. Talk about privacy. The room was spacious and it had two beds: queen size and double size. It can probably fit four people maximum.
Oh yeah. That's Jed Madela on the TV. Haha.
Coffee and tea.
View from our room

I've always favored the sea over the pool but Laiya beach is just too rocky for my taste. EMPR's shore however is different as it is not as rocky and I was amazed when I saw that the sand extended to a far distance at low tide. The water was itchy however so I opted for the pool.

Food selection was not that many. However, I find their food above average as compared to other resort food. They have huge servings which always got me into trouble because I can't finish everything and he hates leftovers so he gobbles up what I can't ingest. Hehe. I hated their mango shake though because it was made from a powdered drink. Eew.
Arroz ala Cubana
Pasta, another pasta and nachos
Breakfast -- I can't finish the pancakes.
Overall it was a superb weekend and I'm looking forward to more of this. :) I'm ending with this song by Train.

And if I'm addicted to loving you
And you're addicted to my love too
We can be them two birds of a feather
That flock together :)

27 October 2011

They Come Together

I've always been a fan of merchandise that came together in bunches so I guess I am one of the willing preys of those who conceptualized such a brilliant marketing strategy. As I was walking around Shangri-La Mall I chanced upon these belts which were selling at 3 for 399 pesos.

Earlier while taking my lunch break, I decided to alleviate my stress by going inside Forever 21 and I got myself a set of headbands for only PhP95. I'm in constant need of headbands to keep my hair away from my face because it really irritates me when I'm working and I have strands all over.

I have to get to work. I'm stealing precious office time. Tata!

18 October 2011

Happy Lemon in Powerplant Mall

There are three things I hate about having to go to school to Rockwell: 1) expensive food; 2) commuter unfriendly location and 3) no milk tea place.

Well, 1 and 2 still holds true but thank heavens number 3 is now a fallacy as Happy Lemon opened a branch at Powerplant Mall. Whoopee!

I still love my coffee but there are days that I just want to rest my system from too much caffeine and I opt for milk tea instead. I've actually never been able to taste Happy Lemon until they opened here. Their other two branches, Eastwood and Greenhills, are both just far from everywhere I am at. I like that Happy Lemon offers more than tea, their best seller being the Rock Salt and Cheese series. I tried the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese.

I am in love with this drink, I swear! The salty and sweet combo is just something I cannot explain but it is delicious! So what is the proper way of drinking this? You dont stir and you don't use a straw. Period. You drink it directly from the cup and enjoy!

Thank heavens I have a class later. I'll drop by Happy Lemon to make myself happy!

Happy Lemon is located at the 2nd floor, Archaeology wing of the Powerplant Mall.

09 October 2011

DIY Everything and Going Organic

I am so in the miser mode because I just can't afford to spend on pampering anymore. So I bought some mecessities:

I'm took a stab at do-it-yourself hair treatment, foot scrub and leg wax. After doing all 3, I think I saved myself a lot of moolah and I am giving myself a virtual pat on the back --- if that is even possible. Oh and since my pores are very, very uncooperative these days and I am breaking out like craaaaaazy, I headed over to Healthy Options for organic stuff.

I've read about this witch hazel toner a number of times on different forums and they say that it is really effective and I am hoping that all of them are correct because I am going effin crazy! Pimples galore!!! I threw in salicylic acid to dry out cystic ones. *crosses fingers*

I'm really struggling updating this blog so once a week posting will have to do for now. I'm really exhausted that I can't find the strength to write anything. I'm hoping that my writer's block (and sloth) wears off soon. It's monday again tomorrow and I just had my longest week ever. See you next post!

02 October 2011

Cebu Sky Experience Adventure

I was never afraid of heights. My job entails me to be always up in the air and climb a gazillion number of tanks. Reason why I have always wanted to try one of Cebu's tourist attractions: Sky Experience Adventure.

Prior to this year, I have already gone to Cebu for work quite a number of times already. This time I was excited because I was with three other colleagues. After resting for a while in our hotel, we immediately headed for Crown Regency Hotel and Towers and got a package for PhP 888. It consisted of a buffet lunch, sky walk, 4D movie and free use of swimming pool. Too bad we did not bring swimsuits. We paid an additional PhP 300 to include the Edge Coaster.

Since we were starving, we decided to have our lunch first. The cuisine was Chinese and we had a lot of choices.
Gas Girls
My plate. Oh yeah throw the diet out the window.
After taking more photos, we decided to ride the Edge Coaster already which literally is a ride at the edge of the 38th floor of the building. What's insane is that it tilts without warning. Talk about adrenaline rush! We thought the package was inexpensive. But then again, they do not allow cameras while you're on the ride and a photo costs a whopping PhP 230 each! What a ripoff! A very smart one as no customer would leave without proof of having been there. Each coaster could fit two people and I rode it with Isa.

On the same floor were telescopes which you can use to view the whole of Cebu.

We also saw the more extreme rides from where we were. Imagine ziplining from one building to another. Now do that upside down. Wild!!!

After this we went a floor down for the Sky Walk. They provide you with a locker to place your stuff. It is the locker of the future, I tell you, as it does not open with an old-fashioned key but with a sensor based one instead. Cool beans! It is also mandatory that you wear their astronaut-like suits, which they sanitize after every use, and sneakers. I suggest you come in sneakers to avoid the hassle of wearing footwear which has been worn by the public. Same policy for the picture. By this time, we decided to use the power of the credit card as we were totally getting robbed.

I had to have my mandatory solo shot somewhere significant.

The 4D movie we watched was about this plane that crashed and the pilot ended up finding some enchanted treasure after battling it out with a tiger, an orangutan and a humongous snake which I could not bear to be face to face with. Oh no, not in 4D. Helllll noooooo.

After this fun, fun adventure, I met up with my cousins at SM for dinner. Diane's about to give birth anytime! Though she did not want any photos of her. Haha.
Morden cousins: Sieg, James, Me and Sarah
It was a very toxic and tiring week in Cebu but this was the only time that I somehow enjoyed it. How I wish work was always like this. *wishful thinking*

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