31 December 2011

Digiperm at Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

It was high time to have my hair re-permed as the waves are not evident anymore. I did research and was surprised by the popularity of this Korean salon in Jupiter st. named Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio.

I was scheduled at 8 AM, the earliest I've ever been to a salon. I've never reached the office at 9 AM, much more at 8, but I was really adamant at getting a change that I woke up really early for this. I was shocked that I was already 6th in line when I got there. I was kind of apalled because why would they schedule 6 people at the same time slot when they only have two machines and one stylist, Mr. Shin? I got my answer minutes after.

They have a systematic way of handling their clients. I think everyone got to touch my hair. There was somebody assigned to do the shampoo, winding, medicine application and blowdrying. Of course, Mr. Shin is the only one who cuts and gives opinions about styling.
While winding :)
The digiperm lasted for about 4 hours and costs PhP3500 but it was super worth it! My previous service did not include hair treatment and I was really happy that it was included here. I also think my curls were better this time. Proof?

I opted to wear something really comfortable because I anticipated that I'll be immersed in serious beautification. LOL.
top: Topshop
cardigan: Mango
skirt: Cacharel from HK
shoes: Charlie
necklace: Landmark
I swear, nobody's going to do my curls again. Mr. Shin is the best!

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio
Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St. Bel-air Makati City
(beside Red Ribbon)

30 December 2011

Japonesque Proffesional Brush Cleaner

I bet you've all read about how makeup brushes can be home to a lot of bacteria. This is why it is essential to regularly clean your brushes. I used to wash my brushes with soap and water but I realized that I may not be cleaning them properly so when I saw the Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner, I immediately purchased one.

One thing I like about this cleaner is that it is in a spray bottle. You do not have to undergo the mess of dipping your brush in the solution. So how do you clean your brushes? It's actually pretty simple. I cleaned my Suesh makeup brushes using this.

1. Hold the spray bottle approximately 4 to 8 inches from the brush, rotating the brush while spraying.
2. Dry brush with cloth or paper towel.

3. Reshape brush and lay flat to air dry completely. NEVER dry the brush hairs in an upright position.

4. Ensure brush is dry completely before using.

Follow everything and you have clean brushes after. The scent of the cleaner sticks to the hair but it's something you don't have to mind. Clean your brushes regularly to avoid allergies or breakouts. 

28 December 2011

Cosmetic Overhaul: Dupes and Legit

I accidentally passed by SM Megatrade Hall last week and found out that there was a warehouse sale ongoing. I think I went overboard with my haul.

The M.A.C. ones were selling for 70% off. Sounds too good to br true right? I suspected that they might be Singapore items but they claimed that it came from Canada. I should have trusted my gut when I saw the concealer palette as I am sure that M.A.C. has never released anything like that. It came from North America alright, however as I found out through reasearch, they were still dupes. This was how their booth looked like, with hundreds of dupe items haha:

I bought a lot of items to which now I am really disappointed. You see, I'd rather buy something unbranded than to go for a knockoff. I've tried the blushes thoug and surprisingly, they were really pigmented. The "mineral" was a little too glittery though. I'd probably use it at night only. For PhP 300 each, they were not bad at all.

I also got myself a Wonderwoman eyeshadow palette because I need something shimmery for Liz's wedding in March. It was selling for PhP500. If you plan to the real thing, you need to know two things: 1) M.A.C.'s Wonderwoman palette only contains 4 shadows and 2) their eyeshadows never come with an applicator. I haven't tested this yet but I'm hoping taht it would not turn out chalky as I really like the colors.

This one I don't really care if it's not real. I need a shadow to be used to don the smokey eye look. It was selling for PhP150.

To end the M.A.C. dupe purchase, I got a lipstick and a lip gloss. I needed a lip color to suit the heavy eye make-up look so this fitted perfectly because it was really muted. The gloss was kind of flavored.

Now to the legitimate purchases. Digital Traincase, which is where I get my round lippies, had a booth there but I found out that The Makeup Store were selling them for 10 pesos less. I got three colors: Indian Pink, Fig and Hermes. Of the three, I fell in love with the perefect pink shade of Fig. Indian Pink was more in the coral family while Hermes was in the neutrals.
Fig, Hermes, Indian Pink
Because of my officemate, I was also convinced to get a primer. I was not really blessed with barely there pores so I need one to minimize them.

So I'm still hald and half with my purchases. Though the dupes work, I still can't get over the fact that they were not authentic. It's just as bad as using fake Louis Vuitton and Longchamp purses. I actually cringe when I see people carrying those because when you own one, you can easily identify the fake ones. It's just a good thing that cosmetics are something that you do not really flaunt. But if your cosmetics are actually working, why guise it in the name of a known but expensive brand? Why not brand it some other name instead? If it works and it's a hell lot cheaper, I'm sure it will gain patronage.

My two cents.

26 December 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is You

top: NY Square
skirt: Weekender
shoes: Schu
earrings and necklace: gifts
This was what I wore on Christmas eve. I wanted to wear something festive as it was supposed to be a happy occasion after all and what better way to do that was to don contrasting colors. I got both top and skirt at SM department store. SM is really upping their game!

We went camwhoring outside and did not change the venue since we discovered that the lighting was great. I love my S95! My other sister was busy chatting with his boyfriend hence the absence in the photos.

I changed into flats because I do not want to wear heels during the mass. We have a little chapel in the village and high heels kind of not suits the scenario. Noche Buena was the usual: take outs hahaha! We're lazy to cook like that. I promise to redeem my family on New Year. I'm proud to say that I can cook really well. I just really hate the washing the dishes after part.

I thought that I'd get to spend this Christmas differently, with a special someone to be more specific. But then life does not always turn out the way we planned it doesn't it? All I want for Christmas is love and sadly taht cannot be wrapped in a fancy paper and placed under a tree. To be honest, I still haven't moved on but I really try my best to be happy and continue living. There's so much to be grateful for to be defeated by one setback. I always keep in mind that I am a strong and beautiful woman.

With that, I leave you with a picture of our beautiful tree. Happy Holidays everyone!

25 December 2011

Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Unlike other Asian cuisines, I've never really pinned down Singaporean cuisine. My knowledge of their food is limited to Hainanese Chicken and Chili Crab and nothing more. I only know of one Singaporean restaurant here in the Philippines and that would be Wee Nam Kee, so I got pretty curious when I saw Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. I had the chance to eat there with my MBA friends one Sunday.

Being really hungry, we did not bother to ask for the house specialty and instead relied on our guts on what to order. They were serving caramelized nuts as free appetizers.

We decided to get two types of rice and settled for Nonya Fried Rice and Thai Bagoong Fried Rice. The Nonya Fried Rice was somewhat similar to Yang Chow Rice plus pork floss and the waiter told us that it was actually designed for kids. The Bagoong Fried Rice could use a little more bagoong (shrimp paste). Both can serve 3 people.
Nonya Fried Rice (PhP 220)
Bagoong Fried Rice (PhP 220)
We tried to balance our meal by having fish, pork, chicken and veggies. Since I was a big fan of Hainanese Chicken, we just had to have the Singaporean Boneless Hainanese Chicken on our table. We had the whole chicken to satisfy all 7 of us. The chicken came with 3 condiments: minced ginger, chili and that sweet and salty sauce that I do not really know what to call.
Singaporean Boneless Hainnese Chicken (whole - PhP690; half - Php 350) 
We also had the Sentosa Garlic Spareribs and it was yummy. I looooove garlic! Serving could have been more though.
Sentosa Garlic Spareribs (PhP 270)
I also liked the Crispy Fish with Mango Singaporean Style, well save for its very long name. The sour and sweet taste of the green and ripe mango complimented the sweet sauce of the fish. 
Crispy Fish with Mango Singaporean Style (PhP 295)
I personally feel that a meal is incomplete without the greens so I suggested that we get the Sauteed Brocolli with Scallop in XO Sauce. I am a huge brocolli eater! Too bad I can count the brocolli and since we were seven, we'll be getting one piece each haha!
Sauteed Brocolli with scallop in XO Sauce (PhP 245)
My friend Jet tried the Crysanthemum Iced Tea. I've never liked those floral teas, they remind me of an altar. Worse, water from a flower vase.  Recently, I've developed a special dislike for chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is bad vibes. Bad vibes go away. Jet said it was good though.
Chrysanthemum Iced Tea (bottomless) (PhP 85)
Eeeew see the flower?!
Three of us tried the Bandung Rose Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. Well, I like milk tea but I forgot about the rose part of the drink. I don't know if it was supposed to taste like lychee because I've never munched on a rose. Uhmm, I've never really liked lychees either so this was something I'll charge to experience.

Since we used my Citibank credit card, we got a free Pad Thai. I've had better Pad Thais but what the hell this was for free.

Overall, the food was good but the servings were small so it was a so-so experience for me. I recommend the Sentosa Garlic Spareribs and the fish dish with the long name.

Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant
Level 6, The Ledge, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City

23 December 2011

The Stock Market Cafe at Bonifacio High Street

I met up with my friend Tres, who by the way I only see like twice a year, last Saturday at Bonifacio High Street. Having rained really hard, it took me double the travel time than the usual. Tres was already starving and I suggested that we eat at The Stock Market Cafe.

The place was really cozy, perfect for dinner dates I would say. Well, if only we were on a REAL date. Haha but then let's just pretend shall we? *winks*
Papasa naman diba? LOL.
He had already ordered appetizers by the time I arrived. The Stock Market Harvest Salad (PhP 350), which is a house specialty, is a combination of lettuce, bananas, apples, grapes and walnuts tossed in pineapple vinaigrette. It was like salad and dessert in one. I loved the pineapple vinaigrette.

We also got the Sassy Spring Rolls (Php 275) which was crispy egg rolls stuffed with tuna, onions, cream cheese and spinach. It was like your cheese sticks with  twist. Yummeh.

For the main course, I ordered the Trio Gastronomy (PhP 390) since I love eating sandwiches. It was called such because it came in 3 kinds of filling: tuna, chicken and kani. I didn't know that Tres was not really a fan of bread so I ended up eating everything. Well technically since I brought what was left home.

Tres actually ordered a combination of shrimp and gindara with pasta which I wasn't able to take a photo of since we were too excited to eat. What is pataygutom? I got the photo of the aftermath however.

The waitress recommended that I get the Lemonada con Pandan. It was different in a good way. The pandan counters the tanginess of the lemonade.

After eating, I was only more convinced that this was a nice date place. Guys, 100 pogi points, bring your girls here. Trust me.

The Stock Market Cafe
B3 Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
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