30 April 2011

All is Well

shirt - Greenhills
jeans: Her Bench
belt: Dorothy Perkins
shoes: Celine
necklace and aviators: Forever 21
bangles: from Korea
Today I can finally say that everything's fine. After going through an emotional roller coaster and that awful and agonizing phase of silence, fearing that my relationship with someone very dear to me was about to crumble into morsels, I am okay. I am proud of myself for taking the first step and getting it all out in the open because I was never really the expert in saying what I feel and seek for answers that might actually crush me. We'll get there. Maybe not now but this friendship is strong, smudged lines or not. There will be times wherein we would be second-guessing each other's motives but it's a stage we have to pass and eventually, and I know, will overcome.

I love you. You love me. That's what matters. It will never be a clean slate; but we could always buy a new one. Let's move forward and do this.

Photo credits to Julius

28 April 2011

Buffalo's Wings N' Things

I'm such a sucker for poultry and I consider fried chicken as one of the staple food of mankind. So when I was introduced to Buffalo Wings years back, I fell in love. Okay OA. Haha. Anyhow, there's this place at the Ortigas Home Depot that we head over after work just to chill called Buffalo Wings N' Things.

You can choose how spicy you want your wings to be. You can choose from either The Rookie, New York's Finest and Firehouse Classic. For those who dare, you might want to try Nuclear or Armaggedon. Non-spicy favorites include Garlic Parmesan and Honey Barbecue

We always go for a mix of New York's Finest and Firehouse Classic. I want to taste my food and not burn my tongue you know?

I still like my wings not swimming in sauce, nevertheless this is good food! Worth walking over for. Plus I think the guys like the pretty waitresses. 

Buffalo Wings N' Things
food Street, Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Brgy. Ugong Pasig City

27 April 2011

Serenitea at North Greenhills

I've always heard friends raving about Serenitea and how good drinks here are. I was so adamant in trying them that I was willing to go to Little baguio in San Juan. Good thing that I discovered that there was a branch near the Greenhills Shopping Center inside the North Greenhills Subdivision. I dragged my sister there last Sunday after shopping.

Serenitea boasts of having freshly brewed and customizable tea. You can adjust the sweetness of your drink and add the toppings, they call it sinkers, that you want. I was told that their best seller was the Hokkaido Milk Tea. I had mine with pearls and 50% sugar. My sister had Chocolate Milk Tea because she's not adventurous like that. I actually think that 50% sugar is the way to go so that you can still taste the tea and not overwhelm it with sweetness.
Hokkaido and Chocolate Milk Tea - (M) PhP 95; (L) PhP105

Because we were hungry we tried the Pepper Sweet Corn and Chicken Chop. I think the corn was overpriced but it tastes good so who cares?
Pepper Corn (PhP 60)
Chicken Chop (PhP 70)
My only complain about this place is that it is outdoors so it is very hot, especially Manila weather this summer. So to beat that heat down, go get yourself a cup of Serenitea. 

25 April 2011

Lookie What the Easter Bunny Gave Me

Well technically, I am the easter bunny. Maybe I really am not that good of a Catholic because I spent Black Saturday and Easter Sunday splurging on material things. It's just that I've been needing an upper and I don't want to resort to taking Prozac. Duh. I get by with two things: 1) a good chat with a friend over alcohol or coffee and 2) shopping. I actually found a lot at the Greenhills Shopping Center last weekend.

I got myself a very comfortable pair of flats from Shoebox. My sister got envious and asked me to buy her a pair as well. So we both have the same pair haha.
Super cute!
These cropped tops are perfect for the summer and they were selling like hotcakes! For PhP150, these are super steal!
I got sold at M&M's
I've been wanting to get myself a pair of cropped pants. This was actually the reason why I went to Greenhills but I ended up buying more than this. 
I can't rotate the photo. Sorry...
Cocktail rings were selling at PhP150 but I haggled it down to PhP 100.

I also got myself two bags. Aren't they so pretty?
Finally a candy bag!
I've said it before that maybe it's time that I redefine my source of happiness because it is kind of painful for my wallet. But then again, happiness is priceless!

On other matters, I pray for courage. History ought not to repeat itself. I should have kept that in mind by now.

23 April 2011

They Got It All For You!

I practically grew up inside the mall. I remember being a child and my face would just light up upon seeing that two letters in blue telling me that we have reached SM. I have ventured into loving other stores but nothing beats the convenience of just hanging around inside the department store. I accidentally stumbled upon the cutest pair of wedges by Parisian. It was the last pair and it was my size so I grabbed it right away.

I'm tall for the average Filipina as I stand at around 5'6" and wearing thses would elevate me three or four inches more. It's just a bummer that I cannot wear heels much because I have to consider the feelings of about 90% of the population. Oh and that includes guys as well. But then who cares? :)

I also bought an accessory organizer because my accessories have been screaming for organization haha.
Before. Using a placemat for my earrings haha.
After. Much more pleasing don't you think?

Have you had any department stores finds lately?

22 April 2011

NYX Virgin No More

I've been wanting to get my hands on NYX Round lipsticks since like forever. Okay that's total exaggeration. But point is, ever since I've read about it on numerous beauty blogs I really, really wanted to try them. The only place which I can get them is online and this was one of my concerns. I don't want to end up with something which does not flatter me at all. Swatches help to a certain extent, but as we all know, lip color on the arm does not look like it when applied on the lips. At all. I decided to take the plunge anyway and found this seller online.

Digital Traincase is a haven for makeup, especially NYX, junkies. I got myself three lippies in the following shades: Thalia, Tea Rose and Gardenia.

Thalia was more on the pinkish brown hue. It's something I could use everyday for work or pair with smokey eyes since the color is subtle.

Tea Rose is still on the neutral family. It's pinker than Thalia and still good for everyday wear.

Gardenia, meanwhile, is a bright reddish pink which is perfect for night outs. I used it when I watched The Script concert last weekend. I was actually surprised that it looked nice on me. I'm really afraid of bright lip colors haha.

I loved the consistency of these lipsticks, they easily glide on my lips and staying power is commendable as well. The best part, it costs PhP 160 per piece. How cool is that? I think I might be getting more pieces in the future.

How about you? What are your favorite shades of NYX Round lipsticks?

21 April 2011

The Girl Who Can't Be Moved

And I shall go back to that corner where I first saw you, camp in my sleeping bag and not gonna move.
jacket: Terranova
top: iCandy at The Ramp
shorts: Abrace at The Ramp
necklace: Tomato
bag: Nine West
shoes: Steve Madden
I am a huge, huge fan of The Script ever since their viral hit The Man Who Can't Be Moved (I mean who doesn't know this song?!) so I was ecstatic when I found out that they would be going to Manila. I love all their songs but there are two which did not gain so much fame in the country but are actually my favorites:

Before the Worst...

...and The End Where I Begin.

I went to the concert last Saturday with my friends Bob and Edzcel. I like asked them that we buy tickets the week it was released. We bought them 3 days after and we were already somewhat on the side. They were still good seats nevertheless.
Ang saya-saya ni Edzcel. Haha.
Retainer boy and girl.
The concert was super worth it! I am absolutely in love with Danny O' Donoghue. There's something with his voice and the keyboard. Why do you have to be friggin' talented and sexy??? Marry me!!!

Fifteen songs and an overworked voice box later, I headed over to Izakaya at Greenbelt 2 for my friend Reizel's thanksgiving. She passed the recent bar exams and the org now has an lawyer! You can go commit crimes now brods and sisses. Kidding!
Reiz you're so tall! 
Maki is love!!!
Patron coffee flavor. Me likey!

Wins and I persuaded Mark to treat us coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Good thing Mark was feeling generous that night because of erm...what was that? Symbiosis? 

It was a fun, fun night and I leave you with the new national anthem of the Philippines.

One of these days, I'll be moving. :)
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