30 June 2011

Mango End of Season Sale!

Photo from everythinginbudget.com
I was doing this 100-day challenge on facebook when I realized that most of my clothes were from Mango. of course, I would not let this sale pass me by. Lo and behold my loot!

I went to Mango on the first week of the sale and right now, prices of the items are further reduced. Stocks are slowly getting depleted so i suggest you head over to the nearest store ASAP!

Unless you have a high EQ unlike me. Haha.

26 June 2011

Comfort Food at Cafe Mary Grace Trinoma

This post is so delayed that it could be pregnant. Actually, it would have bore a child by now. I've been a fan of Cafe Mary Grace since around 2009 and it is only now that I had the time to finally write just about how great food here is. I was supposed to do a smorgasbord of dishes, but I decided to focus on the Trinoma branch.
You may be familiar with the famous Mary Grace ensaymadas. With the success of these goodies came the expansion of what is now Cafe Mary Grace. Eating there is like wating at the comforts of your own kitchen.
Notes from fanatics.
The famous ensaymadas and other baked goodies.
My family is a big salad eater. What can I say, we just love our greens. Cafe Mary Grace offers different types of salad for the health conscious. Grilled Chicken with Oranges and Black Olive Dressing is a bed of lettuce with moist chicken strips, feta cheese, orange slices and drizzled with black olive dressing. Meanwhile, the Smoked Ham with Almonds, Cranberries and Balsamic Vinaigrette is uhmm, basically the title said it what the salad was all about. I like that they used a combination of red and green lettuce. Both can serve 2 to 3 people.
Grilled Chicken with Oranges and Black Olive Dressing (PhP 229)
Smoked Ham with Almond, Cranberries and Balsamic Vinaigrette (PhP 207)

I'm not reall a big fan of cream-based pasta but the Smoked Salmon and Cream is a must try! The cream does not have that "suya" (sorry I don't know how to properly translate this to English) factor.
Smoked Salmon and Cream (PhP 251)
Since my youngest sister, Dana, grew up on McDonald's and Jollibee's spaghettis, we had to have something familiar to her. Hence the presence of the Pasta Amatriciana with Meatballs on our table. This dish is perfect for kids; and kids at heart.
Pasta Amatriciana with Meatballs (PhP 210)
Cafe Mary Grace also offers unique sandwiches. How about Vigan longganisa on your bread? Shrimp Salad perhaps? We had the Fili Beef and Grilled Tomato and Chicken Inasal con Pandesal. I'm biased to poultry so I like the latter better; although both tasted good. All sandwiches are served with potato chips and dip.

Chicken Inasal con Pandesal (PhP 193)
Fili Beef and Grilled Tomato (PhP 206)
Tired of your usual iced tea? Why not get a pitcher of their freshly brewed flavored teas. I have tried quite a few and I like Wild Raspberry best. However, my sister wanted to taste Sangria which is the citrusy kind. Fondness for their iced teas is actually an acquired taste. You either have a love or hate relationship with them. Kids may not appreciate the taste actually.

Iced Tea (Regular - PhP 76; Pitcher - PhP 224)
Of course we would not leave with any dessert and what would you expect from a place which was first known for its baked goodies. Their cakes would be divine of course! Especially their Chocolate Truffle Cake. Okay, I'm drooling now.

Chocolate Truffle Cake (slice - PhP 115; mini - PhP 300; whole - PhP 795)
To counter the chocolate, we also got the Mango Bene which is mangoes sandwiched in layers of merengua and cream.
Mango Bene (slice - PhP 115;  whole - PhP 785)
I actually have a lot of favorites at Cafe Mary Grace but these above would have to take the spotlight for now. So far, I haven't had any complaints or problem with their food. That is how I am in love with this place. It is just comfort in a plate...or plates for that matter.
My family loves Cafe Mary Grace!

Cafe Mary Grace is located at the Ground floor of Trinoma in front of National Bookstore.

20 June 2011

Butterfly Kisses at Night

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin' little flowers all up in her hair
"Walk beside the pony daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny daddy, but I sure tried."
Oh with all that I've done wrong I must have done something right
To deserve a hug every morning, and butterfly kisses at night

Father's Day was a series of change of plans: from Baguio to Tagaytay to food delivery to Yakimix to Mann Hann and finally we ended up at Conti's for lunch, Parvati for dessert and watched X-Men: First Class. It was a rainy Father's Day but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

I decided to take advantage of the fact that I would not be commuting and wore the dress I wore on my birthday last year. I cannot wear such dress without a car in tow as such clothing short of fabric is not very public transportation friendly. I just toned it down with a denim jacket and flats. Oh and isn't my candy bag the cutest?

Anyhow, I wish all the fathers, soon to be fathers and fathers who do not know that they are already fathers a Happy Father's Day. And for my Papa, who's just the best, we love you so much. I may not be the best with expressing myself but I am truly grateful that you are my father.
dress: 7C
jacket: Old Navy
flats: Steve Madden
candy bag: Greenhills
necklace: Yhansy
ring: Landmark

Photo credits to my sister Julienne. I can't do photo editing because my personal laptop with Adobe Photoshop is with Bob. He's kidnapped Chuck the laptop for a week. :(

19 June 2011

Curly...Very Much: Digiperm at Azta Urban Salon

Folks it's time again for the annual hair makeover. Read: when she touches the hair, something must be terribly off in the stratosphere. I attempted to get a digiperm at Regine's Salon but the stylist went against it. Two weeks later, I stumbled upon a promo from awesome.ph and bought a voucher worth PhP 2000 for a digiperm at Azta Urban Salon at Robinson's Pioneer and prayed to God that they would allow me to get curls this time. The service was valued at PhP 4500 so it was a pretty good deal.

I've had my hair permed before but it was just the regular cold perm and it did not look natural. I was going for the beach wave look this time. I scheduled an appointment two weeks ahead and it was a good thing that I did because the service takes about five hours and apparently they only have one machine so they could only do one customer at a time.

First they shampooed my hair then applied the chemicals. I had to wait about 20 minutes after application before it was rinsed. I knew that I was going to be in there for quite some time so I brought reinforcements.

After rinsing my hair came the tedious process of rolling them into erm...rollers. The rollers came in different diameters and they used a combination of medium and large on my hair. Wendy, the one doing the perming, told me that it's better to use the smaller ones because the curls will loosen in the next days.

Wendy rolling my hair. I love her!

All rolled up!
Next was the exciting part: attaching the rollers to the perming machine. Wendy was kind enough to take a photo of it. It was very alien-like bordering freaky. Oh and the rollers combined were heavy! My scalp was practically crying.
Does this remind you of Species or what?

After all the work, I must say that...I loooooooove my hair! It was definitely the change that I needed.

If you can't change your relationship status, the go on and change yout hairstyle! If you are having a very crappy week or at your lowest, then you should do something to make you feel good about yourself. There's nothing wrong with spending to feel pretty. I should know, I've been (or maybe still am) at my lowest but I'm slowly crawling up out of there. I will get out of there. I swear.

Azta Urban Salon is located at Robinson's Pioneer. For other branches click this.

12 June 2011

Feet Pampering at Vanity Room

I purchased a deal at Ensogo which was supposed to be my gift for my mom on Mother's Day. It was a Signature Pedicure at Vanity Room which costs PhP600 but was discounted to PhP250. However, due to schedule constraints, we were not able to go on Mother's Day and my mom was too lazy to go to Makati that it ended up only me availing the service. I almost did not make it to my appointment because stupid me got lost finding the location. Apparently, I was walking the wrong direction and my poor feet were killing me. Good thing that a foot massage was included in the package.

Vanity Room is not that big. They could probably service only around 8 people at a time. It was that small that when this lady with a really interesting odor came in, I nearly fainted.

They have a lot of magazines to keep you busy while they work on your feet.

So how does the Signature Pedicure go? First, they submerge your feet in water to soften the skin.

Next step is to get rid of excess skin by erm filing? I don't really know what that process is but it comes with a foot massage. I wasn't able to get a photo because the lady scrubbing my feet was moving too fast. She put peppermint foot mask after. It felt cool and was soothing; just what I needed after walking for what seemed like hours.

Last is the pedicure. Vanity Room uses imported and quality nail polish. They have a lot that it took me a while before choosing.
Not for the fickle.
I finally settled for this very bright red. Fierce ain't it?
Me likey!
The service took roughly an hour. Now would I go back? Well since I have another voucher then I definitely would. However, since it is located quite far from my house, that would probably be the last as well. I'm not really the type to spend on pedicure since I have an aunt who does my nails for me. Their service is good though and they have free wifi as well. For those whose fetish (pun intended) is feet pampering, then this place is perfect for you.

Vanity Room is located at Ground Floor Prince Plaza II Building, 101 Legaspi cor. Dela Rosa Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City. (It's across Greenbelt 4 so you wouldn't get lost like me. LOL.)

11 June 2011

Kozui Green Tea: It's Healthy to Go Green!

I've seen Kozui Green Tea a couple of times before because I'm fond of its next door neighbor, Baang Coffee. It was only recently that I decided to enter its green walls.

Inside you can instantly feel the serenity and relaxing feeling. It's very modern Japanese and you could just stay there for hours. Kozui has two floors, the second  is usually occupied by students studying and those who just want to loiter and take advantage of the free wifi. Oh and yes, those who want to date but currently cannot announce it to the world. Hurray closet relationships! LOL.
Ground Floor
Second Floor
They boast of having quite a number of variants of tea leaves. I actually thought that there were only two types: black and green. Haha how idiotic of me.

I actually made three visits before writing this just so I could feature a lot of what this place has to offer. Their tea menu is quite extensive, ranging from fruit teas to milk teas to tea lattes. I first tried the Taro Korichio which is like Quickly's Taro Ice Blended but smoother and creamier by far. This is a healthier version of your usual frappuccino. It is also served with whipped cream but I don't like whipped cream so mine I had it removed. It tastes like melted ice cream and I like it.
Taro Korichio (Tall - PhP 138)
Since milk tea is getting big these days, I had to sample theirs as well. I asked for the best seller and was told to get the Black Ceylon Milk Tea. It tasted like your usual Nai Cha so I can't really comment here aside from it was good.
Black Ceylon Milk Tea (Grande - PhP 115)
If you want to quench your thirst because of the heat, try getting their Fruit Teaz. I had the Very Berry Tea and added PhP 10 for the pearls. 
Very Berry Tea (Tall - PhP 90 w/ pearls plus PhP 10)
Aside from the drinks, they also have a lot of food items in their menu. I sampled the usual Japanese appetizers which are Korokke and Takoyaki. Korokke is basically potato balls with creamy filling of brocolli leaves and served with tonkatsu sauce. I love anything potato so it is but natural that I love this. Takoyaki, meanwhile, is octopus balls.
Korokke (PhP 100)
Takoyaki (PhP 100)
I discovered what is now a favorite dish of mine at Kozui and that is the Spicy Dan Dan noodles. It is cold noodles with shredded cucumber, minced pork and different spices. The dressing is what made this uber yummy. This is a must try!
Spicy Dan Dan Noodles (Php 158)
Truthfully, I have nothing bad to say about this place. Ambiance is good and food is great, very much worth the trip to Tomas Morato. Kozui Green Tea is definitely a place worth coming back to over and over again.

Kozui Green Tea is located at 258 B Tomas Morato cor. Scout Fernandez, Quezon City.

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