30 July 2011

Sometimes, Mothers are Bad for the Health

I went shopping with my mother last week. I had no intention of buying anything until she saw this Sam Edelman shoes at Rustan's.

Mom: Masarap 'to sa paa! Bilhin mo na for work. Investment yan. Masusulit mo yan. 

This was not in the plan. I had no intention of buying shoes which would cost me this much.

However, it was marked down to Php 4,000. A little more persuasion and I gave in. Oh and other stuff that I gave into?

Hours later my mother told me this:

Mom: "You know what? You have too many shoes already. Stop buying. Do you still get to save?"

OMG. I wanted to do cartwheels.

29 July 2011

Silver Lining

I went out with my friend Joanne last Friday. She told me that she was going to be late and I was so efffin' hungry. While waiting for her at EDSA Shangrila Mall, I passed by Schu and found out that they were having a Moving Out Sale. Apparently, this started in June wherein they dropped all their items to PhP 799 per pair. Come July, it was dropped even lower because for that price, you can now get 2 pairs! To think that these shoes are sold at regular prices at other branches. I got myself the following:

Flats are wardrobe staples. For someone who commutes everyday, I would not be able to last wearing heels and my poor feet would just die. I don't have white ones and the blue buttons just add character to it. I found out that these were actually selling at PhP 2,500.

This pair just spells SEXY in bold letters. I can picture myself using this for a night out. I am in awe that this is just Php 400. Such a steal!

I went back with my mom the following Sunday and bought her a pair as well. I got myself another one:

Such dainty and pretty flats! I'm pairing this with a maxi skirt or dress.

So I guess you can always find something positive from a not so good experience; be it waiting for someone or being tasked to do additional work not originally meant for you. I'm going to relate this with something personal.

I have not been myself lately because of something which could totally turn my future around. I would not go into the details but let's just say that I have learned a very valuable lesson and I was able to get to know someone in a different light because of it. The process may have been unconventional (and needless to say improper) but I was able to prove that maybe, just maybe, there's still hope for the male population of this world.

Update 04.15.2012: No, I'm very sorry to say that there is no hope for the male population of this world. Turned out, I spoke too soon.

We'll see where this leads. For now, I'm just happy and relieved that this is all over.

Now who else could start writing about shoes and end up with life's moral lessons?

26 July 2011

Wonder Woman

I'm not invincible and I'm no superhero. I'm not your perfect daughter and I make mistakes; quite often if I may say. Sometimes I just want to feel powerful. Ain't this fitting?
Pretty packaging no?

My friend Nax was selling M.A.C. Wonder Woman lipsticks at PhP 400 each, about 50% off the retail price here in the Philippines. I got myself one in this shade named Photo. It's a peach-pink shade perfect for everyday use. I just have to use a lip moisturizer as my lips chap like crazy they could compete with the dryness of the Sahara.

Anyway, this is just a simple reminder that no matter what I am going through right now I will pull through. This has got to be one of the major hurdles I have to overcome. I am but human. I lift everything to the Guy up there.

24 July 2011

Ronac Art Center

I have always been the artsy-fartsy one. As a kid, I was the one with the vast collection of coloring books and I doodle with passion. I like trinkets, anything colorful and everything vibrant. As I was scanning my friends' Facebook posts, I stumbled upon Connet's album and her trip to Ronac Art Center. I was thrilled that I vowed to visit the place. Weeks later, I dragged persuaded Bob to go with me.

Ronac Art Center is a haven for art enthusiasts. Every pillar, every structure was well thought of. One of my favorites was the spiral staircase.
Bob taking a picture of me.
So let's take a tour. At the 4th floor were some stores and Shabby's. I think it transforms into a happening bar at night. Some stores for who I call skater boys are also located there.

We found these "buto ng sitaw" inspired sofas. Oh and we got really tired as it was really hot that time that we just slumped ourselves on the floor.
Ayii parang totoo lang. LOL.

On the 3rd floor is a basketball court, a very colorful one.
Yeah, that's me walking.

They actually have a wall which was actually made of foam. Cool concept as the building is owned by the owners of Uratex.
Very egg carton-like no?
Bob instructed me to pose. This is not my doing. Haha.

The Premium Matress Gallery is located at the 2nd floor. Boy, have they got too many matresses but this one is just ridiculous. Two hundred thousand pesos for a freaking bed!

And it goes perfectly with a 9 thousand peso pillow. Woot!

There's also this exhibit which had a lot of weird artwork. It's pretty in an insanely ugly way. Labo.
Disney Monsterized
Miss na din kita...:(

It is connected to a shop at the ground floor for toy collectors and enthusiasts. I was so amused with the Doraemon collection. Nubita and Shizuka love!

I haven't seen Care Bears in a loooong time.

I really found this one funny:

Outside are rows of restaurants in case you get hungry.

Ronac Art Center is a place artists would certainly enjoy or for those who just want to go somewhere different. Trust me, you'll find delight in every nook. :)

Ronac Art Center is located at Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan.

17 July 2011

VNC Midyear Sale

VNC held a midyear sale until July 15. Being the shoe-phile that I am, I scored myself some great finds. some pairs were up to 60% off!

I have been eyeing this wedges for the longest time but it was priced at PhP2,600. The moment I say that its price was slashed down to around PhP1000, I did not even bother thinking and I immediately asked for my size. As if it was really meant for me, this was the last pair.

I also got myself work shoes: black peep-toes. It was priced PhP998 from PhP1,900. I love the suede details!

I was so glad that I caught the sale before it ended last Friday. I'm so happy with my finds! Now shopping ban: ON.

Birthday Bash!

It was a jampacked Saturday afternoon. I decided to wear something light because for some reason, it was scorching hot today!
top and shorts: Mango
accessories: Forever 21
watch: Omega (from mom)
bag: Mango
wedges: Celine
I'm getting the hang of the no teeth smile. :D
I went over to AGSB to apply for an ID.  I walked under the sweltering sun, three-inch espadrilles and all, only to find out that ID application starts on Monday. I wanted to wilt and die right there and then in front of the Registrar's office. And boy I cannot understand the traffic on a Saturday at 2 PM, I just can't. I spent 260 pesos on taxi fare, it was injustice for a commoner I swear.

After that disaster of an experience, I went over to Blue Ridge for Bash's 1st birthday party. Bash is my friend Diane's uber cute baby.

I like children's parties. They are so colorful, fun and I love the food served. I'm a spaghetti with meatsauce addict like that.
Shala may tarp!

The peg for the whole party was Dora the Explorer. As much as I love that eyebrow deprived kid, there was something wrong with the interpretation of Dora here:
Dora the Japanese Explorer, yes?
Or maybe, they just forgot to feed her with iron-enriched food. She looked anemic, I'm so sorry.

Well, anyway it was nice seeing my college friends after such a long time...

...even if I was fifth-wheeling. LOL.
Couple number one: Raq and Pao
Couple number two: Pat and Pabs
After the party I decided to give in to my Parvati craving as a reward for the very tiring day. I was actually hoping to meet with Queenie so I bought a magazine to keep me company.
Free coffee, Milk Chocolate Cake and Maven
I had the best chocolate cake evurrr. It was moist and fluffy at the same time that I can't explain it. it was that gooooood.

Well, since Queenie was not replying to my texts I decided to call it a night. So much for celebrating my last week of freedom. School starts on Tuesday and I'm really excited about it. 

Time to sleep. Hope you're having a great weekend everyone!

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