28 November 2011

Grand Prix Boracay Hideaway

I was never the high-maintenance traveler. As long as I get to sleep and I have a clean bathroom, then it's fine. However, I do consider the location of the place I'll be staying. It has to be accessible to roads as I don't want to end up mugged in a dark alley. In Boracay, I place an invisible wall after D'Mall from Station 1. Anywhere going to Station 3 is not considered.

My friend Ging suggested Grand Prix Boracay Hideaway in Station 1. They have an ongoing promo so we decided to give it a try.

Since there were four of us, we got the Quadruple Deluxe sharing. when we arrived, I realized how convenient the location of the hotel was. It was just inside the alley beside Yellow Cab and a stone's throw away from the "off white" beach which I prefer better than the white beach since there are less people swimming.

This was what greeted us when we entered the room. We laughed our heads off, in a good way.
Honeymoon lang ang peg?
We found the towel arrangement a little bit too honeymooney that I just had to do this.

They provide toiletries for so you wouldn't have to worry about packing them.

The balcony was very spacious and you can dry your clothes without the fear of the wind blowing them away. There's just no good view to stare at. But then you did not go to Boracay to ponder about your life while sulking on a balcony.

They serve the typical breakfast, nothing spectacular but not bad either. We were also allowed to swim in their sister resort, Sitio Boracay. My only complaint was that they do not provide free water. Other than that, this is a perfect place for budget travelers.

Boracay Grand Prix Hideaway
Station 1, Balabag
Boracay Island

27 November 2011

Calm Before the Storm

I spent a good four days with friends in Boracay as a present to myself for my birthday. I've said over and over again that I am happiest when bathed in sunshine and surrounded by the sea. It was four days of eating, lounging, ATV, helmet dive and happy hours. Little did we know that strong winds and rain will be coming our way on our last day there. After fording flood waters (yes Boracay gets flooded with just a little downpour), a friend falling off the pier, getting stranded because of rising river waters and almost missing our plane, we arrived Manila safe...and wet. It was so much of a struggle.

Little did I know of the storm that was about to head my way a week after. It was a blindside. A very excruciating and painful one. I never really thought that it would end just like that. But things happen for a reason, and whatever the reason maybe, life just has to continue. I just pray that God would always provide me the strength that I need and that my optimism would never be taken away from me. Despite everything, I am still thankful for that short time that I felt important and that I was able to share myself to someone. I truly pray that he finds peace and that he gets himself together. Meanwhile, I thank the Lord for friends and all the love they give me just propels me to move forward.

I leave you with a song that I had the opportunity to sing in an open mic in one of the bars in Boracay. Have a nice Sunday everyone. :)
"Lover's in love and the other's run away. Lover is crying 'cause the other won't stay."

20 November 2011


There was this hype about this date and supposedly, it meant luck for everyone. Well I didn't get to experience it if it were true but the day (and night) sure was fun.

I attended my friend, and MBA classmate, Cza's party at 7th High but first some outfit shots for vanity's sake.
top and skirt: Charlie
shoes: VNC
belt: Celine
rings: bazaar
bracelet: Forever 21
Before partying, we all decided to have dinner at Wee Nam Kee since we can't drown ourselves with alcohol unprepared. Cardinal rule of drinking: Never drink with an empty stomach unless you want to crawl back home. Deym we were starving!

After dinner, we went to 7th High already but it turned out that there was an event until 11:30 so we had to wait for it to finish. Boo the lost drinking hours! (Alcoholic much? Haha!) So we just made up for lost time. Let the photos speak for themselves.
Partey Ateneo way (Yessss kelangan rhyme)

Boys feeling magazine centerfolds
Girls with Arthur
Andrew starting to get violent. Haha!
Absolut Kurant! Love!
Woot party!!!
This was one of the happiest parties I've attended. Not too buzzed, crowd's good and dancing was fun. I sure will be needing a lot more dancing and alcohol in the coming days. 

I'm currently not in a good position right now and I need to mstabilize because I have a lot of work this week. Fight Joanna. Fight.

16 November 2011

If This is How Growing Old is Like...

...then no one would be afraid of their birthdays.

You know, I actually resented my birthday because that will mean an additional year and well, I think I've stopped aging at 25. Well, this year turned out to be my most memorable so far. It started with a surprise from two of my dearest friends, Julius and Jee Jean. You see, we have this sort of birthday tradition that the celebrant will be given a cake with a special gift: a human tied with a ribbon on the neck. We did this for Jean and RK's birthday; they are a love team by the way. I was actually sad because RK was on a seven-month assignment to Malaysia while Bob was down with the fever that day. So being the innovative friends that they are, this was how the surprise turned out:

And since Bob was sick, and he is my office love team...

Goodness, I nearly died laughing when they showed up holding those cut outs. It was out of this world hahaha!

The actual day of my birthday was BUSY. My mother surprised me with the ever present spaghetti with meat sauce and this cake which was the same cake that Julius and Jean brought, only bigger.

It was also the day of christening of my friend Beth's son, Inigo wherein I was a godmother.
Beth and her adorable Inigo
After, Leo prepared some sort of an amazing race, MRT-LRT edition. I actually had no idea where we were going so I let him take full control. The rain was just a bummer. First stop: Tayuman.

Tayuman is near Dangwa, the street known for lots and lots of flower vendors. The idea was to scout for gerberas and it was a shame that it was flooded when we got there. Still, he got me a really nice bouquet. *blushes*
Flood waters :(

Next stop was Carriedo station where Binondo was. I actually wanted to eat chicken feet but we ended up buying hopias from Eng Bee Tin. I love their Peanut Tikoy!

I was getting pretty tired (since I was still recovering from sickness) so we decided to transfer to the MRT and head over to Ortigas. The MRT was super cramped even on a Saturday! I was craving for quesadillas so  we headed over to Army Navy at Emerald Ave.

Of course I had to have booze: a bucket of beer at Ortigas Home Depot which I don't have a photo of. Boo!

For my family, I treated them at Tong Yang Hot Pot. It was fun cooking and grilling.

Surprise by friends, time with my family and warmth by a special someone. I am indeed a happy girl. :)

07 November 2011

Do You Know Charlie?

Charlie was an accidental discovery...and I believe it was by fate that I found this place.

Charlie sells affordable clothes, shoes and accessories. The best part? It is proudly Filipino. Once you find something you like, grab it immediately as they  only carry a few pieces of everything.  Prices of shirts start from 199 and the most expensive is at 999. They have pretty shoes which are only at 899. Very, very good deal!
Basic shirts!
Candy-colored shoes!

I bought myself the following as a birthday gift to myself:
Sheer top - PhP 250
Bandage skirt - PhP 299
Flats - PhP 899
I am officially in love with Charlie!

Charlie is located at the 3rd floor of The Block, SM North EDSA.

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