09 January 2012

End of Season Sales!

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I've managed to score good finds from Dorothy Perkins. I love their jeans, they fit me perfectly! And with the power of the 3-month installment terms, I can shop with ease! I overheard the saleslady saying that the dress I got was the same as Kim Chiu's only hers was blue. everything was at 50% off except for the belts.

I actually had no intention of buying anything from Topshop but when I saw this high-waisted pants I really got attracted to it. Then it was love at first fit. I'm a sucker for high-waisted anything. Normally I wouldn't buy light-colored pants because I have really huge thighs but this one looked nice on me. It was on sale at PhP1500 from PhP3000. I also got the tights for 99 pesos. I got my sister one as well.

Local clothing brand Bayo was also on sale.

Bayo has always been one of my favorite Philippine brands. It's a fusion of trend and classic which is practically me. I got a classic white polo shirt and a bag.

I should avoid going to malls now if I want to have more shopping money in Bangkok. Speaking of Bangkok, I have to finalize my itinerary now. Good night everyone!

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