15 January 2012

Organizing Wishlist

I've been on this organizing bug and I have a couple of things I want right now.

1. Hangers
I reall need a lot of hangers because I hate having to use one for multiple articles of clothing. Oh and can I have them in pink?

2. Watch Organizer
My watches need a home.

3. Earrings and Necklace Holders
I kind of fancy the idea of having them hanging neatly just like those on accesory stores.

4. Acrylic Cases 
I need more of these for my makeup.

5. T-bars
I hate that my bracelets and bangles are just everywhere.


All photos are not mine. Credits to owners.

I have to start my hunt. and I hope to complete all before the year ends. Good luck to me!


  1. I love everything :p


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  3. i want a t-bar for my bangles and necklaces too! do tell me where and if you see one :)

    1. Hazel I got a t-bar already! I chance upon one while I was loitering inside a mall in Bangkok. :)

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