19 February 2012

Wat Traimit: The Temple of the Golden Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand

Our third day in Thailand was alloted to explore the different temples within the city. Originally, we were supposed to do this by ourseves but since we enjoyed Rabbit's tour the day before, we decided to join his city tour this time. It turned out to be a good choice because it rained really hard later that day. We were in the company of Malaysian kids who were on a holiday. 

Our first stop was Wat Traimit or the Temple of the Golden Buddha. The temple is located in the area of Chinatown.

The Golden Buddha has quite an interesting history. When Bangkok was established as the new city capital the statues of the Buddha were moved from Ayutthaya via the Chao Phraya river. Wat Traimit was actually the second location for the buddha which was casted in stone back then. It had to be transferred in the 50's because the temple which was its original location had to be vacated. Accidentally, the buddha slipped from the straps during transfer and cracked, revealing a Buddha statue cast in solid gold. Apparently it was a ploy to keep the Burmese from stealing it.
Ring the bells for good luck

How to get there: Take the MTR and get off the Hua Lamphong station. Walk to Wat Traimit from there. View the map here.

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