17 March 2012

Fresh Catch! - Fish & Co. at Trinoma Mall

It has been such  long time since I've first eaten at the same branch of Fish & Co. and actually this was the restaurant which started my love affair with fish and chips. 

Since I have the Bistro card, I was able to get a free appetizer plus 20% off on our bill. The card was given to me as gift by my friend Tres. I wouldn't have bought it on my own since I don't think I would be able to maximize it. I costs 1,500 pesos but you can use it in all restaurants of the Bistro group. I ate there with my mom and sister because I wanted good fish and chips

I was able to get the Prawn Trellis (PhP 255), prawns wrapped in vermicelli paper, for free. It came with a dip that tasted like mango with mayo.

I got something to munch on before the main dishes came and I'm always partial to Onion Rings (PhP 125), although there was nothing exceptional with Fish & Co.'s version (but it was certainly far better than Burger King's.)

Of course I had to get my favorite, The Best Fish & Chips in Town (PhP 435). Topped with lemon and butter sauce and served with thick fries, it was oh so yummeh!

Pizza at Fish & Co. is not baked with the usual crust. Instead, they use phyllo pastry. They had this new Italian Sausage Pizza (PhP 395) on the menu. I loved the kick of the chili flakes.

Since the Breaded Chicken Piggyback (PhP 435) came a little bit late, I was not able to enjoy it as much because I was a bit full already. Just like all their other dishes, it can be shared by two people and it was quite heavy with angel hair pasta in olive oil topped with breaded chicken fillet and prawns.

Overall, eating at Fish & Co. has always been a delight. As theis tagline says "Get Hooked!"

Fish & Co.
4th floor, Al Fresco area
Trinoma Mall
North Triangle, Quezon City


  1. and now, that makes me hungry lol. :)

    PS: Care to follow each other?


    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I'll go visit your blog one of these days when I'm not so busy with work and MBA. Thanks again!


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