25 March 2012

J. Co Donuts Now In Manila

I was never really a fan of donuts. It's something that I would not really look or crave for but I became curious with this chain of donuts from Indonesia called J. Co Donuts and Coffee. I dragged my friend Julius over to SM Megamall one Friday afternoon to sample their donuts.

First thing I noticed when I entered the store was that it was huge!
I totally regret having forgotten to bring my camera so I'm very sorry for the sucky photos from my phone camera. Well at least, I do have photos. They have two counters, one for the donuts and another for frozen yogurt and beverages.

I had difficulty choosing which to get because they were just all too pretty...and by pretty I mean enticing! J. Co has 30 varieties to choose from.
Taken from J.Co's facebook page.

I let Julus take his picks first because I just can't decide. When I finally did, I got myself J. Co's signature donut, Alcapone, and a chocolate topped one, Don Mochino. Alcapone was topped with white Belgian chocolate and slivered almonds while Don Mochino was topped with milk Belgian chocolate with cream filling.

I loved how soft the donuts were and they were not too sweet which takes away the "umay" factor. I usually just eat one donut because I can't stand overbearing sweetness but with J. Co, I was able to down both. Uh-oh. This is just bad for my diet. I would love to get my hands on their J. Pops which are the baby versions of their donuts. Sadly, they are almost always out of stock.
Photo taken from J. Co's facebook page

Being located just a stone's throw away from my office, I will surely be back at J. Co one of these days to try their other variants and hopefully, I'll be able to bring home a box of J. Pops.

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