06 May 2012

My Zalora Wishlist

Ask anybody I know and they will tell you that my name is synonymous to shopping. I am a serial shopper. If most people do stress eating, I do the stress shopping. Recently I went through a really bad break up and that just fueled my penchant for buying beautiful things all the more.

I stumbled upon this irresistible blog contest on Nuffnang and I just have to join it. Zalora is the newest haven for online shoppers. Zalora has gone live at about the same time in seven Asian countries just this year. Zalora Philippines carry numerous brands, local and foreign alike. It saves you the hassle of going around the mall when you can just stay in the comforts of your home, browse through every page and shop without having to lift one finger. The best part is they deliver for free, on the same day and you can pay when your merchandise arrives. Cool beans!

I had a hard time choosing from all the beautiful items on the site. I was practically drooling over everything! From work dresses to cute bikinis to accessories. They even carry sports goods and stuff for the home. I really loved a lot of the items but having tasked to choose only five, here are my picks:

Kelsea SL Combi Dress by Space

I work as a gas girl. No seriously, I work for one of the top 3 oil companies here in the Philippines and I refuse to dress sloppy in the office. A dress like this is versatile and can take me to from corporate to part mode in the evening.

Versatile Gold Buckled Tote Bag by Bonita

I cannot live with a small bag because I practically place the whole of my house inside it. I carry a lot of stuff and I feel naked if ever I have to leave any of my stuff behind. This is just a perfect everyday bag for work and being neutral colored, this will go with well with everything that I own.

Farrah by Naked Sun Swim

Summer is practically over, as evident by rain showers here and there, but I still want to get my hands on this cute bikini by Naked Sun. I looked all over Manila for this and to no avail, I failed. Good thing Zalora carries my size!

Gastrada Pimienta by Paez Shoes
This is just perfect for lazy days: strolling at the park, lounging at the mall or reading a book and having your me time while sipping on your usual latte. This shoes by Paez is just comfortable!

Craft by Rayban

Well, I can't afford (or maybe I can I just can't justify getting one) buying a Rayban but since this is a wishlist, I'll include it here. :P

I could probably go on but these are my top 5 picks from Zalora. The site tests my EQ actually because I am tempted to buy a lot of items...but I'll wait. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get to win this one. *winks*

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