18 May 2012

New Members of the Family

I was under a trance last Sunday that I ended buying 5 pairs of shoes. This was the first time ever that I did this in my entire life. I swear.

Background story, I was on the hunt for this certain pair of shoes from Nine West. I saw it at their Shangri-la branch but too bad they do not have it in my size anymore. I had them call their other branches and left my number just in case. Minutes later I got a text message saying that they found one in my size at their branch in Glorietta. They could actually put the item on hold but since I wanted to secure the pair, I went to the said branch the following day. This was my first high-ticket shoe purchase. Since I used my BDO credit card, I was able to get it at 10% off. But still, it costed me a whopping 5,000 pesos!

But wait there's more! I passed by SM Makati and they had these cloth ballet flats which were selling at 2 for PhP 399. I first saw these when my officemate bought a pair in SM Cebu while we were on fieldwork. I got myself two pairs. I would have to test it's durability though but if I get to wear these ten times, then I would have gotten value for my money already.

Since my moccasins gave up on me already, I searched for a new one. I found this at 50% off from Cinderella at Glorietta. I was actually looking for a white pair but beige will do.

Lastly, with the rainy season starting to kick in, I finally mustered the strength to buy myself a pair of Melissa flats. It's waaaaaaaay better looking than Crocs. I was again looking for a specific style and I wasn't able to find it in Geleia in Trinoma. Good thing that I dropped by Shoe Salon because yey I found it and it was at 20% off! I was actually eyeing the gold pair but the only size they had left was 10. Boo.

So now the problem is where would I fit them inside my shoe closet?


  1. 20% off for melissa?! yey! such a good find!

    Followed you through GFC
    Pls follow mine, too!


    1. Hi! Yeah it was good that I saw it on sale, I still have to break in the shoes though because they gave me blisters the first time I wore it.

      I followed you already. :)


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