07 May 2012

Summer Fling

I spent the Labor Day weekend at Boracay for the Cura Kalikasan project of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. It was basically vacation pretending to be a clean up activity. Haha! Well we won all major awards including the Amazing Race. We are competitive like that. It was super fun, just what I needed after the whole drama. Days and nights of good food, parties, sea and booze. Ironically, it started while I was in Boracay last November and it ended with a thud in Boracay as well. My photos will summarize the blast I had that weekend. Good times!

Well, so this is probably my most "productive," "scheming" and "interesting" trip to the island so far. But then as they say...whatever happened in Boracay, stays buried in Boracay. *winks*

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