23 July 2012

Chinatown Singapore

I think the Chinese are dominating the world because every country seems to have its own version of Chinatown. Singapore was no different and from my first visit in 2008, I knew that it was the best place to buy souvenirs. Straight from Sentosa, we took the MRT and got off at Chinatown station and took Exit A towards Pagoda Street.

We tried authentic Chinese food in one of the restaurants here. It was surprising that it turned out to be more expensive than food courts here in Singapore considering that it was on the street.
Chicken, Sea bass and Char Kway Teow

I went around Pagoda Street four souvenirs and found interesting stuff aside from the usual keychains and magnets.
Chopsticks in all colors
stuffed toys
Dried Pork from Bee Cheng Hiang
Keychains in Chinatown are priced for as low as 10 for 10 SGD. I was able to buy 30 pieces of chopsticks for 10 SGD as well. There are also hawker stalls along Smith Street. I was able to try superb chicken satay from this place. But nothing beats the chili pork of Bee Cheng Hiang! It's the bomb! 

How to get to Chinatown:
Take the MRT purple line and get off at Chinatown station. Take Exit A to Pagoda Street.

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