16 July 2012

Hello Again Singapore!

I spent the last days of June with my family in Singapore. I was lucky to be able to book through Cebu Pacific's Piso fare so a ticket costed only around PhP 3000 per person. My family loves taking pictures so that's what we did while waiting for boarding.

It was the first time that I bought airplane food because we were still up in the air at lunch time. I was terribly disappointed with this Chicken Ceasar Wrap. It was almost all wrap and very little chicken. Pfffft.

We arrived there after lunch and after changing currencies for the cab from the airport, we went straight to our hotel to rest for a while. We stayed at Hangout@Mt. Emily, a backpacker hostel which I highly recommend. After recharging we started our tour of the city. We walked to the nearest money changer and our first agenda was to have lunch then get to Suntec City and Esplanade. We met this Filipino crew at KFC who was very accommodating to us. I guess it really gives them some sort of happiness when they see fellow Filipinos abroad. I still like KFC in the Philippines but I love that they have Milo though. 
Watery coleslaw bleh.
Oh and they have egg tart!
Chocolate egg tart!!!
On our way to the MRT, we passed by the School of the Arts Singapore which currently had a very colorful outdoor display. 

I really love how convenient the MRT system of Singapore was. Everything is accessible by train! 

We got off at the Esplanade station to go to the Suntec fountain then head over to the Esplanade after. Much to our disappointment, there was no water at the Suntec fountain which made it look nothing like a fountain.

There was only one good thing in Suntec City and it was that I found a branch of Cotton On. I found accessories which were really marked down. Imagine bangles at 2 SGD! I'll write more about it in my shopping post. ;)

We headed over to the Esplanade and passed through an artsy-fartsy underpass. There was also an ongoing exhibit at the Esplanade entitled Sarong.

Outside the theaters was also a picturesque spot. More, more camwhoring!

We continued walking towards the Merlion Park. On the way, you'll get to see the fully lit Marina Bay Sands at the other side. There's a light show everyday at 8 PM and it is best viewed at the base of the hotel itself.

Much to (another) disappointment, the Merlion was under renovation and was covered with this fugly net. Boo! It was a good thing that I already had my picture taken with it the last time.

So we had to settle for this mini Merlion. Better than no Merlion at all.

Because we were starving, we headed over to the Lau Pa Sat Festival Market which by the way was sooooo far from where we were. 

Lau Pa Sat is like a venue where hawkers are gathered. The place has all kinds of Asian cuisine. I even found Tapa King and Baliwag Lechon! There was this one stall that has a long line so I got curious. Apparently, it was selling Char Kway Teow, one of the local delicacies of Singapore.

I'm really a fan of Roasted Chicken Rice so I made sure to have an authentic one.

Weee happy tummies!

How to get to Suntec City, Esplanade and Merlion Park:
Take the MRT yellow line and get off at Esplanade Station. Everything can be reached by foot from there.

How to get to Lau Pa Sat Festival Market:
Take the MRT Red line and get off at the Exit I of the Raffles Place station.

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