30 July 2012

Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands has became a Singapore landmark just like the Merlion and the Esplanade theaters. It is pretty from the other side of the bay but there is so much more to see inside. Our last day in Singapore was alotted to exploring the inside of the hotel.

We took the MRT and got off at the exit connected to the shops. Apart from being a hotel, Marina Bay Sands also has a casino and a mall. Upon entry, we were greeted by this canal  with gondolas which reminded me of The Venetian.

Inside were high end shops, most are luxury items. I visited the Longchamp store but I was surprised that the price of the bags were almost the same in Manila.

On the 4th floor was a viewing deck where you'd get to see a magnificent view of the Singapore skyline. I think this would be stunning at night.

It is also where the Art and Science Museum and the famous Helix Bridge is located. We didn't have time to enter the museum though. Plus I wasn't too enthusiastic in paying for the entrance fee.

I didn't actually know that the Helix Bridge existed until Sandy told me about it. I actually thought that it was a bridge for vehicles but apparently it was for pedestrians. And here I was thinking I did all the research. Haha!

Our visit to MBS was also very timely because the Gardens by the Bay has just opened. From the photos I've seen, the garden is pretty majestic at night. Due to time constraints however, we had to settle going there in the morning.

Since my family was already very tired, we did not explore much of the gardens anymore. On our way back, we were able to take a glimpse of the interiors of the hotel. I was in awe at the buffet spread. As in!

I would have loved to see the famous MBS infinity pool but I heard it was exclusive for guests only. Besides, I was on a mission to buy an iPad that day so we headed over to Funan right after. But ah! The life of the rich and famous. Will I ever get to stay in this hotel in this life? LOL.

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