22 July 2012

Sentosa Island, Singapore

We returned to Sentosa Island on our third day in Singapore. Sentosa Island has long been famous even before Universal Studios was built in Singapore. The easiest way to get to the island is via the Sentosa Express which is located at the Vivo City mall. We took the MRT to the Harbourfront Station and got off at Vivo City. We went around the mall first and had lunch at Carl's Jr. I remember having this in the Philippines in the late 90's but the franchise was pulled out. It was one of my favorite burger joints back then.

Oh and they have a salsa bar. Love!!!

The Sentosa Express station is located at the 4th level of the mall. Unlike Universal Studios, entrance to Sentosa do not come with unlimited rides and entrance to the attractions. You can either pay for the entrance per attraction or purchase a play pass. We availed the afternoon play pass where we get to experience 4 of the attractions in the island. Since our play pass was just good up to 7 P.M., we had to purchase a separate ticket for Songs of the Sea which is probably the most famous attraction of the island. Songs of the Sea has two showing times everyday the earlier being at 7:40. The sun tends to set late here in Singapore so the earlier show is at 7:40 PM.
Taken fron the Sentosa Island website
Vivo City station

Our first stop was the Siloso Beach so we got off at the Beach station and took the tram. There are free shuttle buses all around Singapore so you do not have to worry about killing your feet from walking. The beach was full of foreigners but there was nothing spectacular about it. Philippine beaches are still at the top of my list.

Next stop was the Imbiah Lookout where the Merlion Park and Images of Singapore are located. Images of Singapore is a museum showing the history and culture of the country.

The next attraction we chose was the Merlion. There was a film shown explaining the history why the Merlion became the symbol of Singapore. We also climbed the head of the Merlion where you can view the whole island.

Outside the Merlion is this colorful park with this figure that I really haven't figured out what. so colorful perfect for more photo ops!

The third attraction we tried was the Tiger Sky Tower which is the highest revolving tower in Singapore. It gives you a 360-degree view of the country and you can even see neighboring country Malaysia while on top.

After walking for hours we took a break and had coffee at Starbucks. starbucks sure is expensive in Singapore. It's like 200 pesos per frapuccino. Deym.

After resting, my sisters and I tried the 4D simulation theater showing this movie about logs which turned out to be a bore after the first five minutes. My parents went to the other theater showing Pirates which I think is the same one shown at the Crown Regency in Cebu. By 7:0 P.M. we were ready for Songs of the Sea. It was spectacular!
Waiting for the show to start...or should I say for the sun to set.
Princess Amy!
We left the island at around 8:30 PM and headed back to Vivo City via the free shuttle bus at the Beach station. We decided to head over Chinatown which I will be writing about next. In the meantime, I leave you with this photo of me taken on my first trip to Singapore in 2008.

A lot could definitely change in four years. ;)

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