18 July 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

When I visited Singapore 3 years ago, Universal Studios was basically just a huge hole in the earth. This was actually one of the reasons why I told myself that one day I'm returning to this country. Just like Disneyland, you should allot one whole day to tour the theme park. Anticipating the long lines, I decided to buy our tickets online. It was more convenient and it saved us time. Upon checking the website I learned that there's actually a free shuttle bus for tourists which picks passengers up from five hotels in the Orchard Road area. We decided to head over the first stop so that we can be seated inside the bus. We got off at the Somerset Station and took the exit towards Orchard Road.
Piktyuuur muna :P
We then headed for Concorde Hotel which was the first pick up point. It is best that you go to the first stop because the bus could get easily full.

Outside the theme park was the revolving logo of Universal Studios, some restaurants, candy and souvenir shops.
Problema ka 'te?
Pengeng ice cream!!!
USS is divided into seven sections and it will take you one whole day to take a tour especially if you're watching the shows. So let's take a tour shall we. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is what will greet you upon entering the theme park. It feels like walking on the streets of stardom!
Competitive ako kay Betty Boop baket ba?
New York
*sings high pitch* Sunny day reaching out miles awaaaay!!!
Sci-fi is where the Transformers ride and the popular roller coaster that USS is known for is located. My sister wanted us to ride it but sorry dear sister, I cannot fathom it.
I got dizzy after riding this. :|
There was this cafe in this area which served really good food. I enjoyed my salmon and olive rice for lunch extremely!
Yummeh! Super good!!!

Ancient Egypt

I was completely unsuspecting of this ride. I didn't expect that I would be in tears the moment it stopped. It was insane!!!

The Lost World
We did not spend much time here because dinosaurs do not excite me. So no photos here hehe.

Waterworld is actually a show and there are only two showing times, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The theater is divide into three sections: blue, green and red. I'll let you in on a secret. If you do not wish to get wet, sit on the red section. *winks*

Far Far Away
The land of rainbows and butterflies. We got to watch a 4D movie about Shrek and Fiona here.

I was disappointed that I did not get to meet the penguins. Booo! 

Outside the theme park was this huuuuuuge candy store. I think looking at all those candy gave me cavities. Kids would go crazy here!

This is also the place wherein you'd get to find those awesome M&Ms characters.

You would have to allot one whole day to be able to experience all the attractions and get to watch the shows. Bring a hat and sunglasses, and if you want an umbrella even, as it could get really sunny. Of course those would also be useful in case it rains. 

Universal Studios Singapore
Resorts World, Sentosa Island

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