15 December 2012


So this is a veeeeeery late (Have I emphasized how late? Like more than a month late? Ok good.) post but I simply cannot not write a birthday post for two reasons: 1) this year's birthday should overthrow last year's eventful one and 2) I want to remind myself of how strong I have became since then. Well, so as not to confuse you, I was born on the fifth of November so again apologies. Well better late than not having written anything at all isn't it?

It was a simple birthday weekend. I had lunch with my family at Kozui and had a facial after. The day of my birthday was spent at the office because I had to prepare materials for a board meeting. I ended it with Japanese dinner with my mom. It was very simple. No surprises. No bouquet of flowers. No pakulo of any sort. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my birthday and I am blessed with loving family and friends.

Each year is a new beginning. A new leaf to turn over and an opportunity to take chances. I've been through a lot and I must say that I was able to surpass everything. I may have done unconvenitonal things and may have acted in ways that may gain disapproval of some. To each his own therapy, I say. What matters is that I learned and I was able to become stronger from all that drama. I've worked and fought hard to be in the much happier place that I am now.

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