29 March 2012

Tipping Point

I have never seen myself this low. Hearing that news that you're on your feet again and now have someone new, I guess I just got devastated that I found myself downing glasses of cocktails and not reporting for work the following day. This was not like me. I've never allowed my emotions affect work or school. I was never the type to cry whole day and night and here I was crying to alcohol, crying to coffee, hell I was crying to just about everything.

Four months and I realized that all I ever did was "get by" and not really "move on." Four months was a breeze. I lived one day at a time but I never really got away from where I was. It felt unfair that here you are, finally having a new life and getting another shot at happiness while here I was stuck in the same place where you left me.

Everything is not just making any sense to me.

Back then you told me that you cannot be with me because you needed to figure things out. What I missed out in the story was that she was constantly entering the picture and that you chose her over me. Fine, that would have been understandable, that you made this one last effort to get  her back but you weren't able to. But this being with a new girl, I so totally cannot understand. If you cannot be with anyone or you say that you are not deserving of anybody, what the hell is this? Routine?

I don't know which is more painful, that you did not choose me or that it's all in black and white now that I was played.

There's a reason why I've always hated Summer. People who are unsure of their feelings have no business getting involved with anybody else much more mess up others.

25 March 2012

J. Co Donuts Now In Manila

I was never really a fan of donuts. It's something that I would not really look or crave for but I became curious with this chain of donuts from Indonesia called J. Co Donuts and Coffee. I dragged my friend Julius over to SM Megamall one Friday afternoon to sample their donuts.

First thing I noticed when I entered the store was that it was huge!
I totally regret having forgotten to bring my camera so I'm very sorry for the sucky photos from my phone camera. Well at least, I do have photos. They have two counters, one for the donuts and another for frozen yogurt and beverages.

I had difficulty choosing which to get because they were just all too pretty...and by pretty I mean enticing! J. Co has 30 varieties to choose from.
Taken from J.Co's facebook page.

I let Julus take his picks first because I just can't decide. When I finally did, I got myself J. Co's signature donut, Alcapone, and a chocolate topped one, Don Mochino. Alcapone was topped with white Belgian chocolate and slivered almonds while Don Mochino was topped with milk Belgian chocolate with cream filling.

I loved how soft the donuts were and they were not too sweet which takes away the "umay" factor. I usually just eat one donut because I can't stand overbearing sweetness but with J. Co, I was able to down both. Uh-oh. This is just bad for my diet. I would love to get my hands on their J. Pops which are the baby versions of their donuts. Sadly, they are almost always out of stock.
Photo taken from J. Co's facebook page

Being located just a stone's throw away from my office, I will surely be back at J. Co one of these days to try their other variants and hopefully, I'll be able to bring home a box of J. Pops.

17 March 2012

Fresh Catch! - Fish & Co. at Trinoma Mall

It has been such  long time since I've first eaten at the same branch of Fish & Co. and actually this was the restaurant which started my love affair with fish and chips. 

Since I have the Bistro card, I was able to get a free appetizer plus 20% off on our bill. The card was given to me as gift by my friend Tres. I wouldn't have bought it on my own since I don't think I would be able to maximize it. I costs 1,500 pesos but you can use it in all restaurants of the Bistro group. I ate there with my mom and sister because I wanted good fish and chips

I was able to get the Prawn Trellis (PhP 255), prawns wrapped in vermicelli paper, for free. It came with a dip that tasted like mango with mayo.

I got something to munch on before the main dishes came and I'm always partial to Onion Rings (PhP 125), although there was nothing exceptional with Fish & Co.'s version (but it was certainly far better than Burger King's.)

Of course I had to get my favorite, The Best Fish & Chips in Town (PhP 435). Topped with lemon and butter sauce and served with thick fries, it was oh so yummeh!

Pizza at Fish & Co. is not baked with the usual crust. Instead, they use phyllo pastry. They had this new Italian Sausage Pizza (PhP 395) on the menu. I loved the kick of the chili flakes.

Since the Breaded Chicken Piggyback (PhP 435) came a little bit late, I was not able to enjoy it as much because I was a bit full already. Just like all their other dishes, it can be shared by two people and it was quite heavy with angel hair pasta in olive oil topped with breaded chicken fillet and prawns.

Overall, eating at Fish & Co. has always been a delight. As theis tagline says "Get Hooked!"

Fish & Co.
4th floor, Al Fresco area
Trinoma Mall
North Triangle, Quezon City

15 March 2012


Bangkok top and pants | Schu flats

"I like kissing. Kissing a lot."
-Marilyn Monroe

High-five dear Marilyn because I do too! Well since I haven't been involved (read: pseudo-break up) with anyone for the last couple of months, I haven't kissed anyone lately. I don't know why I'm talking about this but my shirt just reminds me of a huge MWAAAAH!
Naraya bag | bangles from Dorothy Perkins (black), Cebu (brown) and Divi (pink)

I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister because I so wanted to buy a coffeemaker. When I realized that one would only cost me roughly PhP 900 I immediately purchased one. Nothing beats freshly brewed coffee every morning especially if you are channeling your inner zombie. We ate at Fish & Co. then I headed over to the birthday party of my friend Banj in the far far away land of Fairview. There was so much food! I love birthdays at this house haha!

And to bring out everyone's competitiveness, behold Guesstures! Your charades with time pressure.

Looking forward to more fun weekends...oh and looking forward to kisses as well. Hihi. #lumalandeh

10 March 2012

First to Walk the Aisle

Last Saturday, my friends and I celebrated the first wedding of our barkada as Lizelle got married to her boyfriend, Brooks. Lizelle was my classmate from Pisay and I have been friends with her since I was 12. Puberty girlfriends here!
Graduation Ball in 2001. Lizelle is 3rd from right.
Her wedding was so intimate and beautiful; she was a really pretty bride I must say. The wedding was held in Clearwater House in Tagaytay.
Cutie patootee flower girls :)
Dessert!!! *drools*

Instead of having the conventional white shoes, Lizelle's bridal shoes were teal! Edgy and I love it!

I was part of the entourage along with my other girl friends, Angela and Ria.

Ten years later, here's how we all look like. We grew up as pretty adults. *ehem*

I wish Lizzy and Brooks a lifetime full of love and happiness and beautiful kids!

I'm sharing the love and leaving you with their wedding video. Happy weekend guys!
Brooks and Liz 03.03.2012 - Video SDE

03 March 2012

Siam Niramit: Thailand's Best Cultural Show

Countless researches on the internet and every traveler that has been to Thailand seemed to recommend watching siam Niramit so I got ourselves tickets for the show. I booked via Oriental Escape as well because tickets were cheaper there than on the actual website of the show and I still don't know how that happened. I also booked transfers to and from our hotel but I was really disappointed because we were not actually fetched from the hotel but instead were made to walk quite a number of meters to the nearest pickup point.

Anyway back to the show, the theater where Siam Niramit was shown was built exclusively for it. Thailand's government really invested for it to be a tourist attraction. Before the show started, we loitered around the place and there were 2 elephants which you can ride for 100 Baht. It was certainly cheaper than riding an elephant in Ayutthaya but I don't know how long atop the elephant 100 Baht is equivalent to. I thought I was going to leave Thailand without ever getting near an elephant. Thank goodness!

The souvenir items were eyecandies but I did not buy anything as they would probably be darn overpriced. The elephants stuffed toys were cute though.

The tickets we got came with a buffet dinner. The buffet price was so well worth it! I regret not starving myself until dinner time. Haha!
Main course table
Fruits table
my plate hehehe
Cameras are not allowed inside the theater so I was not able to take photos of the superb production. The stage actually had a realistic river and there was one scene where an actor actually took a bath literally! The elephants outside were also part of the production. Amazing stage and effects!

Siam Niramit was a very good show. It made me learn and appreciate the culture and beliefs of the Thais. I definitely recommend the experience to anyone who plans to visit Bangkok. Oh and get a ticket with the buffet!

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